Thursday, May 21, 2020

Honor you body when it talks

               I was having a talk with my daughter about stuff the other day, deep stuff and the subject matter or how do you know something for sure, sure came up. My answer rolled out of me without an ounce of hesitation. You know because your body will tell you. THE MOST valuable thing running has taught me is the keen ability to listen to my body, this key skill can also be used in matters of the heart, friendships, job stresses, etc. How do you know you need to reflect, make changes, discuss, address anything?  Your body will tell you. You will have nightmares, you will be unable to sleep, your heart rate will increase in certain key situations around key people and subject matters and on and on. 
                  Okay, so what does one do with that knowledge? one addresses it, head on. Your goal here is bringing back to a calm state. I subscribe to the idea that one must constantly strive to be in this calm state and if anything veers your focus from it, it MUST be addressed. Now, that does not mean others will or should understand.... it's not always going to go that way, where you address something and all is well with the world, no... it actually rarely does.... and this is where the next rule comes in.... the rules of understanding. You're going to have to bring calm to your body no matter what and that needs to happen regardless of the external world's understanding or lack thereof of your point of view. Which, in many cases may result in separation. And that is how decisions are made without too much thinking...  
                     This inner knowing is very much more pronounced in us in extreme emotions, such as when we fall in love. When it's true love you know and when you fall out of love, you also know. Words are almost not needed for these transactions. You will be safer listening and following the directions of your body. 
                      So lately I have felt that certain situations bring my inner vibration down. Gossip, girl drama, grumpiness, jealously, and even frustration bring ones vibrations way down. I do not want to dwell there, plus, being this way feels awful. You are in your mind all the time, planning, stressed, worried...When that happens we cut off the connection we have with our body and we may even get ill. I am trying desperately these days to continue to remain on a higher vibration with a multifaceted approach. One, I am in nature A LOT, I am taking care of my body, I am feeding my soul with warm, loving moments with friends and family, and listening and reading about great ideas from great people who mirror the type of person I wish to be. During my runs I pretty much ONLY listen to things that either better me or feed my soul. 
                       My goal to day is to continue to work on clearing my energy so that I can again connect with my body, the one and only (and best) tool I have to gauge my world. 

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