Friday, December 27, 2019

Mississippi Gulf Coast Marathon, Marathon #12, State #8

What was awesome about this race:
* The T-shirt was wonderfully soft, one of my very favorites.
* The course was sunny but not ever hot. There was a nice breeze at all times that helped it not become hot, ever.
*EVERYONE from the race directors to the volunteers were just so accommodating and lovely. Loved each and every one of them!!! I'd go back just to thank them all over again.
* Their choice of electrolytes and nutrition was easy on the stomach and now my new choice of electrolytes.
* The ease in which to get to start line (yellow busses as shuttles)
* The music at the start line was awesome!!

What could be improved:
* This was a race, I felt, primarily suited for the mudpack and front runners. Lots of BQ seekers in the crowd. As a back, back of the packer, I did not see many people that looked like me.
* I assumed the expo would be larger and would sell KT tape and GU so I did not pack those things. I ended up having to borrow them from a fellow runner.
* The course seriously needs to not have that loop at the end, so that the last runners do not run into trouble once the roads open back up.

The hotel I stayed at, Beau Rivage, was dressed for the holidays. 

Blast from the past!

Even a waving Santa!!

This is the location for the expo. It was small but the items in it were great. 
You know you are in the south when you see trees like these....anyone who knows me knows I lOOOOVVVEEE trees. 

I was just drooling over the December!!

Heather and I tried to go to Whole Foods, and this is where Waze took us...LOL.... 

Some sightseeing....

A ceramics studio.....

We finally make it to the hotel and are ready to relax for the evening. 

Below us, casinos are just beginning. 

Alarm goes off on Sunday and this is me trying to look "ready"

Eerie sight. Runners waiting at dawn for portages-potties. 
And the sun finally rises....and its time to start...

The sun peeks through the clouds and into the horizon. 

I only see a few hundred runners for the full.....gulp. 
Police escort for the first 13 miles..... 
Heather helping me make the last few yards....

so freaking glad it's over

#12 done.... now I seriously need to work on getting faster because I do not plan on being last-ish ever again. 

Best part of racing is after racing.... a well-deserved bath!!!

Ready to catch my plane and taking silly pics. 

I am going to miss all this decor....

Goodbye Mississippi!! View from my hotel. 

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