Sunday, September 15, 2019

The instinct to trust or not to trust....

                I have been thinking a lot about trust and instinct lately, and their connection to one another . I sat watching the Democratic debate two days ago and realized there were two parts of me hearing the debate. There was the logical part of me and then there was the instinctual part of me. Since I have been placing a lot more credence on instincts I naturally trusted some candidates over others purely for how genuine they sounded to me. The morning after the debate I shared these thoughts with my husband and we both came to the conclusion that some of the candidates simple listen to their consultants way too much...listening and surrounding oneself by too many consultant is like having way too many cooks in the kitchen, it's a recipe for disaster. There is a difference between robotically following what a consultant tells you to do and what you KNOW to be true. Some of these candidates have let fear get in their hearts and are now operating on someone else's fear, on top of their own. Genuineness is something one instinctually feels. The older I get the more I value how I feel around someone.  
             What does trust have to do with it? Trust makes all the amazing things in the world happen. When two individual come together to make an amazing business or marriage or friendship, trust is the glue that secures relationships. Yet, in 100% trusting our instincts (which essentially is trusting yourself) do we begin to even have the chance of truly knowing how to choose the right people to trust with our lives. Trust and instinct are like guardian angels, here to help us navigate life more safely with the right people by our side. 

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