Saturday, August 10, 2019

Ran in my jogging bra for the first time yesterday

                 I never thought I'd do it...but it happened. Yesterday I ran in my running brad and no shirt over it!! I know, this is not a huge deal for most women with more "traditional" bodies, but for us who have been taught to hide our bodies due to its larger size, it's not an easy task. Granted, it was at a beach boardwalk at Jones Beach in NY. It was easier to accomplish for it's not THAT unusual to see a woman in a bra-style top at the beach, right? Yet, it was a great start to the turning of a new leaf. To top off my amazing day, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, the sky was partly cloudy, it was in the 70's and at the very end it started to sprinkle rain, which felt absolutely divine. Will I be doing this again? absolutely!!

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