Saturday, June 8, 2019


               We hear the word TRUST being tossed around quite bit, "trust your body", "trusting relationships", "trust your training". Trust is the more imperative aspect of all good or successfully-working relationships, nothing develops further if this one aspect is not present. I have a few tips that have kept me safe from people and situations I should not trust. I am not saying do not invite them to your wedding, I simply mean do not set all your marbles in their jar. 

1. My number one rule in choosing who to trust has always been to never trust someone who constantly needs attention. Most of us like a little attention, some of us want none, these people are  rabid. They are like hungry ghosts, never satisfied, constantly edging, always pushing for more sunlight, and have no moral compass when it comes to betrayal. Working along someone like this, for instance,  can be dangerous for they will sell your secrets, your comfort, your very soul to get a little attention. Being in a relationship with such a person can be draining and even dangerous to your health. Sadly, most of the time these people are unaware of their own destructive power, and justify their actions as well-meaning and even good. Stay far away. 

2. My number two rule in choosing who to trust is never trust a person who is always overtly, and unabashedly unhappy. Openly unhappy people have a life perspective issue and other people are always at fault for their behavior. Most of us have good days and bad days and even when we have bad days we tuck that shit in and keep walking. But not these guys...they create a whirlwind of drama everywhere they go, stay clear. 

3. MOST importantly, trust your gut. My gut has been my bestest friend ever (BFF), as I get older I love it and believe in it more and more. It's always been there nudging me, making me aware of its little tugs, but I always tossed aside these nudges for hardcore visible reasoning. Turns out our gut is our secret superpower. When you meet that person and something seems off.....when someone says a comment that seems off and placed there to cause an affect, we are always right. A book I currently reading, Seven Thousand Ways to Listen by Mark Nepo talks a lot about how we don't just listen with our ears, but we also listen with our whole body. So do that, listen with your whole body and you will know right away if someone feels off. Our gut also helps in training. Knowing when to keep going versus quitting, knowing when your body needs to quit a run before you hurt yourself as opposed to just some aches that will go away if you slow down. Listening to your body and trusting your own inner revelations about your body will keep you safe from physical injury. 

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