Monday, May 27, 2019

Getting older....

          Everything about getting older mirrors getting home after a long day of work and just wanting to let loose and relax. You just want to put on your comfy pjs and sit in you comfy chair and take a deep, cleaning breath. For example, in friendships, I instinctually keep away from anyone who requires me to "swim uphill" for affection or approval, or makes me feel wrong or broken. Who has energy for that kind of soap drama in their lives? not me. Even in my marriage, sweetness and kindness take priority in every interaction. At work, I have stopped prioritizing pleasing others and learned to say "no" when asked to do last minute tasks that often does not even have anything to do with job. In choosing what to wear even, this parallel is manifested. I choose clothes that make me feel comfortable and confident. And finally, in my running. Long have passed the days when I would wear anything to impress anyone. I have a drawer full of clothing I bought to impress, and guess what I wear to work out? I wear the same top and the same bottom to every workout. I even wear mismatched socks for as long as they are the brand I love they feel fine, who cares that they do not match! 

        I turn 46 this summer and I am stronger and happier than I have ever been. Lots of dreams are being built and tended to these next few months. 

Saturday, May 11, 2019

Off season...

            The off season is a time get creative and plan fun new activities for your body, but not quite feeling it lately. I am finding myself pulling away from all the noise of Facebook, of movies, of parties, and anything that feels like a constant buzz. I prefer sitting in my outdoor porch and listening to the birds and the water and waking up before dawn to run my neighborhood in the dark. 
I just feel overwhelmed and appreciative to have so much bad has happened lately at work and in the country that one has to stop and really assess what is really important. I am ready for summer...I am ready for some beach time, some time gardening for hours and just lazying about.