Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Vacation time

Saturday, April 6, 2019

New Dreams on top of new dreams

              Yes! Hooray for new dreams. I have signed up for the Baltimore Marathon (marathon #12) and I am gathering friends who'd like to come on an epic adventure with me in 2020 at the Three Days at the Fair races in NJ. I want to do the 24 or the 48 hour challenge. So far about 4 awesome running friends have said they're interested. Also exciting is that in a little over a year I will qualify for 50 States Marathon Club (to run 10 marathon distances in 10 different states) and I will also have a second go at the illusive 100K distance. 
              In the meantime, I am chewing on MUCH smaller goals. But don't get my wrong, these smaller goals are JUST as important as the mother load...in fact, the main goal would never come to fruition if it weren't for the everyday grunt chore-type goals getting obliterated daily..... in the everyday struggles with these minor goals is where these races are made.... 

Smaller goals for the week:
* Preplan a healthy lunch and breakfast to take into work all week!
* Take a water bottle and refill as needed throughout the day
* Zero sugar- just say no damn thank you!
* No bread -use alternates- zero tolerance girl!!
* Find one more race for summer 2020 (State #10)
* Zero wine before bed for this week- HHs only
* 2-3 miles running daily with extended stretch after- try to get it done in the mornings....