Sunday, September 23, 2018

The juggling act of being a mom and a marathon runner

                 Okay, so I am not one of those marathon runners who run 2-3 marathons a month, not even close, so juggling even training for one marathon is a feat onto itself. I have now run 9 marathons since I started a few years back and that is very conservative in the world of marathon running...but having my foot mostly in the "regular, non-marathon world", training, working and being a mom to two kids is not all. 

         This past Thursday alone I woke up 3:30am to be in the gym by 4am, ran for two hours, went home, showered, made lunches for kids for school, made my own lunch and breakfast, drove to work, taught 6 messy art classes, went back home, cooked dinner and at 9pm I was completely pooped out and literally passed out on my bed while attempting to watch a comedy special on Netflix. That is just what I carry on the outside. There are about hundred other nagging things that eat away at my guilt muscle at all times, every day, such as I need to call my sister, I need to reconnect with a friend I have not seen in a while, the kids' drawers are filled with clothes they no longer fit in, my guest room is filled with items I need to sell online, my papers need to be filed, the trash cans are full,.....and on and on and on. Thank goodness I have a hubby who is not only supportive of my running  but who also does his share of the rearing and cleaning; but seriously  how do single parents do it? Back to my issue; With so many things on my plate at all times, it's a miracle a run even happens some days. Today, for example, I am suppose to run 17 miles. I skipped my golden morning opportunity for a tournament baseball games was scheduled for first thing in the morning only to get an email two hours before the game telling us the game was cancelled due to rain. Not only was it too late in the morning to start my four-hour disappearance, it means I would need to consciously plan for an easy day so that I can accomplish said run at 9pm tonight. 

              So my best plan is to run at 9pm.....a four and a had hour run before a work day. There, that is a slice of my life. As much as this post might seem like I'm complaining, I am not. I love this process. It's a process that fascinates, rejuvenates and fills me with hope....hope for me, hope for all that ever pops up and seems hopeless. The act of doing this mundane act and ever-so-slowly working my way to 20 miles is a beautiful process....similar to caterpillars turning into butterflies... It might be painful, it's might be drastic, it might be slow, it change things forever, but it's the very essence of a live lived. 

I left the house at 9:15 and was out of the gym at 2am! I feel amazing this morning having completed my 18 miles!! woohoo!! When I got home I was so pumped I did not go to bed until I am existing today on 3 hours of sleep....but heck...who cares...I am 2 miles away from 20 and I am feeling strong. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

16 miles completed.....and a PR...

            Today was one of those mind-over-matter days. I woke up at 4:30am to do my was cold and rainy.......I hate hot, but I despise cold even more....but it gave me a chance to wear my Pistol Ultra hoodie....finally! While over two years ago I ran a 20-miler in the cold cold rain, I did not feel like it today. I decided not to dwell on this sad fact about my aging body and kept on getting ready. I had charged my iPad overnight and had packed my gym bag with salt tablets, GU, take, scissors, extra clothes, vaseline....I was going to do this at the gym while watching Ozark, a new series I am obsessed about. Nothing in me wanted to do this....and even more pressing, nothing in me believed this was possible......Hour one went by...I did fine, took a bathroom break, had a salt tablet and back at it. I returned to my treadmill and an older guy planted himself on the machine right next to me. Oh boy, this was going to be interesting. At 5am the gym had about 30 empty treadmills and this guy is right up my ass. I ignored and continued. He interrupted me three times to tell me how well lI was doing and once to ask me if I was training for the olympics.... I hate compliments and I did not know how to take his mixed bag of compliments. The olympics compliment made me feel nice, but to repeat 5 times, "you are doing very well" was both creepy and totally confusing. Had to idea what to think. I chose to imagine that he may be not quite there. That made me refocus and continue. At mile 8 he got off and again complimented me but I was so happy he was leaving. At mile 12 I was glowing and my iPad ran out of juice. I switched to music and ran strong until mile 16...I was wearing a huge smile on my face! The deed was D.O.N.E. Got off, stretched and went home to regular life....

Monday, September 3, 2018

Struggles of a working mom marathoner

I was due for a 14 miler this Sunday.... then, last minute, my hubby decided we needed to go to the beach one last time before we settled into fall. I got up super early the day we were to drive to the beach, went to the gym and did arms and abs.....

       Because we decided last minute ad I could not get a dog sitter we had to take our dog with us. I found a dog-friendly hotel and we were all set. Look at his yummy little face. 

                           Knowing we would probably be eating crap the whole vacation I gathered some veggies to make juice.   

                 I absolutely adore Rehoboth Beach. First, it's the location to my favorite marathon, the Rehoboth Beach Marathon in the early winter every year. In fact, I already have a room reserved at my favorite hotel for this year's marathon.... My hubby has not yet decided if he's running his first half at Rehoboth this year....if not, I will run the full. When you have kids only one parent can run a race at a time.... the other watches the kids. 

Shoot!! this picture is just gorgeous....and it also makes me so kids are growing so fast!!

My sweet guy.... nowhere exists a man more gentle and sweet. 

         Rehoboth at night on a Holiday is super fun. This is around 9pm Sunday. I knew fairly early on that I would not be getting my long run in during this vacation. 

The hotel offers free breakfast. Here is my son making himself one of those amazing waffles....The picture after is of him AFTER the 

My daughter trying to convince me to buy her another sweatshirt she does not need..... nope, we did not buy this one. 

The Local bookstore had this book.....for all you Walking Dead fans...

Came back home to find my watermelon plant had grown quite fast. Now it's the size of a lemon....

So when is this run going to happen? Ready? It's going to take me 4 hours at the gym..... I will go before work tomorrow and need to be done by 6am to get my kids' and my lunch ready for the day. If I get all this done tonight, including my coffee brewing BEFORE going to bed I may be able to get in another half an hour of sleep. So I will be running from 2:20am-6:20am! Don't worry, when we got home from the beach today I took an obligatory 2-hour nap and been resting in bed all afternoon, as well as hydrating with only water. Running at the gym is as boring as runs go....therefore, I have also been charging my iPad so that I can watch a few movies while I get this run in. Wish me luck!!