Wednesday, August 29, 2018

14 baby!!!

Completed 14 today....I have two 14s planned in a row so hoping next week's 14 is much nicer. I am planning to go to the beach so I will have to figure out a plan that most likely includes running them all in a gym, for safety, seeing as I do not know the place. 

I come home and little momma is cooking up a storm. I decided to make some juice. Ginger, cabbage, beet, carrots, peppers and dandelion; keeping me 7 years sick free so far. 

and here is my juice....I love these containers....they do not leak and you can carry your juice in your purse!

Dinner was shrimp tacos.....with rice and grilled veggies.....

new flower in the garden

Oh and I scheduled a tattoo.... it's going to be a lot like this one....but of dahlias. 

Took a hike with little momma the next day and it was right after it had rained...the entire forrest was lush, smelled amazing, and we happen to be the only ones there. 

Burke Lake trail has a ton of these physical challenges stations....

....and of course, our dog Brad came along. 

My daughter wanted a second set of earrings and both my hubby and I agreed. We went to a place in Arlington called Craig Pokes You. We had Blake pierce her and he was absolutely great! 

More flowers in the garden 

Me leaving the gym at midnight.... working moms have to do what working moms have to do. 

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