Friday, April 6, 2018

It is all possible

             Just as Maya Angelou's life taught her that one parent's unconditional love can make anything possible, completing a 50-mile race allowed me to see that pretty much anything is possible if you want it...It's really that simple. 
             I now know, just like that, from one day to the next, that I can finish a 100-mile race, heck, even a 200 mile race if I wanted.  Nothing is impossible once you decide it's possible and most importantly, plan and execute the steps to getting there. I am not saying I could by any stretch of the imagination do this NOW, oh no, I'd die!....but I could do it in say, two years, if I set my mind to it, hands down. In the book Grit, by Angela Duckworth, she talks about the big goals and the interchangeable and ever-changing little goals....My "big"goal is to run a 100-miler within two years. My little goals, which are like 'worker bees' that would serve to help me get to the big goal are to, one, loose weight in order to get faster naturally, two, make better food choices consistently, and three, to weight lift more. Of course, there are dozens of other infinite smaller goals, impromptu or more formally thought out, that will help me slowly but surely scale my way to a finish. 
           Why two years? simple answer, I know my body. I know my limitations and my workout /heal rate schedule, which I have learned is different for everyone. It will take that long just to establish and fully integrate new routines, let go of old ones and build, build, build on all fronts. Small, manageable goals strung together over an extended, consistent period of time can move mountains. That is what Maya Angelou and Angela Duckworth were talking about....and although, sadly, they have surely never met (and won't  ever because Dr. Angelou passed in 2014) the faithful, relentless building, upon building of seemingly minor and insignificant routines sprinkled with my true love of running and life itself is a solid recipe for accomplishment and success.