Monday, December 24, 2018

Assumptions as walls

       If there is one thing I learned this year it's that assumptions are walls. Assumptions make us blind to what's right before us and it usurps and numbs down our most helpful communication tool, the instinct. Instinct being that very thing that helps us clearly see all that's happening, in 3D, if you may. When we have our instincts fully on, we are paying attention 100% and then some and are able to grasp fully the whole interaction with the other. 

        We often turn to assumptions because they become a convenient way to live life on automatic. There are many reasons assumptions are more convenient; could be that we are in a fast paced world, perhaps, we want to be right and avoid the discomfort of being wrong at all costs, but most importantly, maybe it keeps us from feeling pain or fear, and out of control. When we assume, we don't have to check in, for "we already know", we don't need to ask why, "we already know", we don't have to talk,  we "already know how it'll all go." With assuming, "the other" is this fake virtual other we create that very much resembles the genuine other, with the exception that it's NOT the genuine other. Author, Byron Katie suggests quiet listening as an antidote to assuming, but she suggests the type of listening where one stops participating in the conversation altogether as a way to draw others to open, but also to convince the listener of how much mental noise has been clouding us all along. She likens true listening to a gift you give the other, the gift comes in the form of allowing the "other" to listen to his own thoughts as they leave his lips; in allowing the other to work the correct thoughts out as he speaks, for sometimes we ourselves don't know exactly what will leave out lips before we say it . Therefore, being allowed to express our thoughts is, in fact, a gift. 

           Running has allowed me to fight our instinctual bent towards making assumptions. In order to avoid injury one has to put assumptions aside and really listen to one's body. With every stress, every discomfort in by body I am always seeking THE genuine source; assuming the source may only lead to more pain, maybe injury, so finding the genuine cause to all things inside my body is essential to bringing pain to an end. In general life too, seeking the genuine cause for all things, and not mere assumptions, will always lead the the end of our pain as well.        

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Caring vs. Love.... 2018 lesson

I have learned this year that I now feel differently about caring. I have learned that caring often references bits of attachment and control, that it carries expectations, weight, and intensity I don't need in my life and that real love is much, much simpler, much lighter, yet, deeper. 

I have learned this year that once I stopped feeling responsible for others' feelings and no longer "cared" about this, I really started loving the person; just loving whomever exactly as he (or she) is, no matter what he/she does or not do. 

I have learned that caring is a story and love is the complete absence of a story. Truly loving someone is being present with the other.

This year, I have learned to welcome when people realize that they don't belong in my life and have the good sense to go away and that I have been spared. I learned that people leave our lives when they no longer match us and to consider it a positive sign.

I have learned that when you unfriended a person that it doesn't mean he/she is wrong, but that it feels wrong with me to stay in touch. 

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

What's your worth? (in a relationship)

                Been thinking a lot about one's worth lately, particularly worth as it relates to relationships. On any given run, this topic comes circling around in my head. Running does that to you, you know. Amazing, innovative and brilliant ideas flood my head and this is one of them.       
                 There are relationships where someone might get too comfortable, so comfortable in fact, that they feel they get to define your worth to you, like some prescription. That is never, never good. But how do you know you're in one of those types of relationships, for sometimes, it's not that obvious? Well, keep reading. 

                 I have had many relationships over the years, friendships and amorous ones, and none are as toxic as ones in which your worth is refined to you by a friend or partner. This might be done in a subtle way, like when your friend (or partner) glosses over things that matter to you,  or, it may be done in a more direct manner, like when your friend or partner defines to you who "you are" as if it were fact. Nevertheless, worthiness is a real thing. People make major decisions on relationships based on these ideas of what they and you are worth. 
                 Like the topic of worthiness, similar to topic of "level of intensity" in a relationship, is something we all navigate around when choosing friends or partners, yet both rarely do they get defined as the essential aspects that they are. Worthiness always comes into play in our relationship decision-making, whether we are aware of it or not.  For example, if we have a tendency to be intimidated by someone who we consider, "together" and at the "top of their game", we might instead choose friends or partners whose default setting is constant dependency. Worthiness comes into play here because in order to have this relationship function the dependent/caretaker balance must be maintained just as it began for the relationship to continue. Meaning, the dysfunctional aspect of the relationship by which the relationship was founded on is the very lifeline that keeps it going. Quite opposite, when worthiness levels are more equal, instead of feeding off of the dependency, we thrive off of something else; we thrive from being surrounded by strong, independent people instead. Being surrounded by people who challenge us, vex us, and whom at times, may even infuriate us, is a sign that we see others as equal in worth to ourselves. I have recently learned that knowing which dynamic you operate is very helpful in determining your level of social-emotional health;  dependency being on one end of the spectrum and allowance of dissent on the other. 

              What's the best way to know which type of relationship you are involved in? You know by testing it. For example, ask for re-hashing of the relationship rules, or ask for a serious conversation around an issue that truly troubles you, or disagree on an important issue to you personally, or strongly express a different  opinion about an issue. People who see you as equal will want you to be who you are and want to find bridges to a middle ground, no matter how different you are. People who see you as equal will not shut you down at the smallest sign of dissent? I am not saying to "dissent" all the time, but something is seriously wrong in a relationship if its become commonplace that any one of the players cannot express discontent without the other defining it as something else or simply dismissing it. The main question therefore is, "Does this person take you seriously? yes? no? ".  In my home 4 out of 5 days you walk into my house you will find my husband and I arguing about 2-3 hot topic issues. The next minute we move on never thinking twice about the others' ability to express discontent, disagreement or dissent. 

Sunday, December 9, 2018

THE ULTIMATE - 2018 Runner's gift buying guide....

Every year I make a gift buying guide for anyone that has a runner in their lives.... basically, these are things I'd love!!! 

1. this company not only gives your your genetic report...but also gives you recommendations for right eating and exercise....I have to admit, this has changed my life. Totally worth every penny. 
 Image result for vitagene

2. For all runners, a must....I never leave home without mine. 
Image result for pepper spray

3. I have to admit...the best present I have EVER gotten has been a gift card to a running store.... total heaven... don't look at it as a cop-out....we runners know how to spend that card.... don't YOU worry!
Image result for road runner gift card

4. for your outdoor runner...a must... make sure it has a window and that the window matches the phone size.... 

Image result for hand held water bottle

5. for your runner who cannot run without extra pair of these have helped me whenever I've lost my "good pair" I singularly use the apple headphones. 

Image result for apple earphones

6. Socks, socks, socks.... don't buy crappy brands... my personal favorite is swiftwick, the thin ones. Get a size up, they shrink a bit. 

Image result for swiftwick thin
7. If your runner has completed a race....they will never....I repeat, NEVER turn away race gear.... race gear is like the gold standard of any runner's wardrobe.... I can wear my NYC marathon jacket everyday until I am 90....again, worth every penny. 

Image result for new york city marathon 2015 gear

8. Gym bag. Only if they are super cute... I have two and don't need any more... so inquire before buying. 

Image result for gym locker bag

9. Now, this is for a runner who has everything already!! it will be a huge hit and it's a gift that keeps on giving...all year... (or for however many months you chose). 
Image result for monthly box runners

10. Runners just cannot turn away from running jewelry...totally cool....Etsy has a ton of these sellers....

Image result for runner jewelry

11. For a health conscious runner....get him Shalane's cookbook...
Image result for cookbook runner
12....does your runner have too many medals now and need a new rack? again, search on Etsy.... many cool handmade options there...

Image result for medal race rack

Three things that have helped me improve my fitness

These three things have been helping me tremendously in helping me get more fit....I had been running for 5 years and instead of getting faster I was getting slower, instead of losing weight I was getting bigger.... so here goes my tips for a more fit tomorrow: 

1. LOG what you for the premium membership and log what you eat.... Vitagene (below) gave me my macro percentages and now I can make sure I stay within those recommendations. My recommended macros are 30 percent carbs, 40 percent fat and 30 percent protein and who'd have known that eating more fat would help me lose weight....6 lbs so far in over a week of logging. 

Image result for myfitnesspal.

2. Phil Maffetone's heart rate training has also been quite helpful....the whole idea of running slower to get faster... here is a link to Marathon Training Academy's podcast interview with Dr. Maffetone. it's a great video to get you introduced to his whole plan... also the website ---> is also very helpful. they have a 8-part questionnaire that then spits out these very helpful tips for a healthier lifestyle. 

Image result for phil maffetone

3. Last, but not last- getting my genetics testing through Vitagene has been the BEST gift to myself.... their recombinations are both research based and totally on target.... I feel like this is going to be great year for fitness and health. 

Image result for vitagene

Saturday, December 8, 2018


        Booked my flights to Tennessee for my Pistol Ultra 100K in March of 2019 and another for my 11th marathon which will take place at the New Orleans Marathon in February!! I cannot wait. 

Sunday, November 25, 2018

On self-reliance

               The most important thing I have learned from running is self-reliance, not just self-reliance on a physical level, but on a deep  emotional level. One learns self-reliance through running because without constant communication with oneself one could easily hurt oneself. The more one does it the more one becomes intimately connected to ones instincts, one's inner voice, one's thoughts and dreams. 

              Loneliness use to be a horrible thing to fear. God forbid one would be without friends around to validate one's existence; that was me, 10, 15, 20 years ago. Today, I would rather walk alone than alongside anything that devalues me. I have learned over time that no one, not even the ones who LOOK like they have their shit together, actually has their shit together. I believe those online memes that constantly remind us all that, "Everyone, (and I mean absolutely everyone) is fighting a battle we know nothing about." It would be unfair of me to act as if I knew more, or as if I had all the answers. It belittles their fight, their past, their struggles for me to roll along and try to define their life for them.  What makes a person stand up to me is how they deal with their little piece of struggle. Do they work on them openly and honestly? do they hide it and pretend they are not struggling? Do they pick apart others to avoid and deflect their own struggles? 

                With this knowledge that we all struggle I have chosen to bear all my struggles. Not for sympathy, not for advice, not to be fixed, not because I am broken or have not forgiven or not forgotten. I share my struggles openly (on this page and personally) because I think that is the ONLY way I can help others find their way. As someone who herself has never listened to others' advice, I have followed others' examples. Only in living your own path can you teach others....words are extra, not needed....not helpful. Understandably, I navigate towards others who also understand the power of just living out your lessons and gifting the world you through your actions.  BEING surpasses any advice I could give anyone. I fact, I have always have had total distrust of any teacher who flat out MUST tell you who they are...Hey!! if you need to tell anyone who you are, it's then never been clear anyway. To define one's greatness in words says much more about your lack of greatness than anything else. I follow this zen ideal of "eat the Buddha". Once you reach a level of wisdom you lose religion, you have no walls, no dogma, for all these are used to separate you from others. Hence, you "eat the Buddha".  

           With self-reliance comes pride. I take great pride in all the struggles I've been through. They have provided me with invaluable lessons, multiple perspectives, and immense mental and physical fortitude. I know the value of one's past on my own life and therefore I value the stories of others very much. People always surprise me with their stories of strength, conviction. The very best of the human spirit are not found in Godly books, or religious places, they are found in everyday people. I always find it a great honor when anyone inquires about my world, anything from my running, to my struggles to my work. To know what one has been through is to truly understand that soul. It's no surprise that I am surrounded by a handful of amazing women who have survived and succeeded great feats; deep trust is exchanged between us and that is worth 1,000 lesser friends.  

You don't have to like it, agree with it or have an opinion

 Last week, I was sitting with a group of women of all ages and we were talking about tattoos. One married woman began saying that she once wanted one very much, yet, her husband right off the bat told her he was absolutely not "into them" therefore she should not get one. I find it interesting how some women don't question this ownership type relationship approach and don't feel uneasy being told what to do with their bodies. I hear it all the time too when it comes to running at night, for example. Women will pronounce, without an ounce of questioning, how their loving and caring husbands would never "let" them run alone, or at night or at dawn, or in a specific location.... The main thought that always goes through my mind when I hear these blatant ownership type statements is, "I am glad I don't have anyone in my life that is telling me what to do with my body." Seems to me that in the plight to feel safe we have willingly and almost happily abandoned the idea of ourselves as free wheeling souls, with ideas of our own, dreams of our own.....and a will to choose our own destinies. 

              I am not going to lie and say my husband was crazy about me getting a huge arm tattoo, yet, I sat him down and explained that this was very important to me to express my sense of beauty in this manner, that I have been wanting this for years, this was my body and most importantly, due to my past experience with sexual abuse as a young adult, it was most important for me, solely, to execute decisions about my body. He understood completely and did not say another word. At times like these I am so glad I did not grow up with my dad, who himself was a forceful, unrelenting force in our home before my parents divorced. I was therefore raised expecting to have full ownership of my body, my decisions and the consequences of them. Yet, it's not like I would have never married anyone with an overactive chivalry muscle anyway.... men like that often felt suffocating, somewhat creepy and overly intense. They begin every relationship by laying it on so heavy up front only to fade into childish expectations and blaming behavior directed at you for having had to fake it for so long. 

                  Running, along with any other passion you might have, (like tattoos, or gardening....etc) is an expression of your freedom. Choose partners and friends who are not intimidated by your level of passion for running or tattoos, or whatever....choose a partner who give you all the space you need to find you. It's not that important that they know all about your passion, but it's important that they begin to invest in the better you that comes as a result of your freedom. It's understandable that your loved one want you to be safe and sound and ask that you be safe when running outdoors, yet, it's another whole story to be told that you can't go. HUGE difference. The more a partner or friend fans the flames of fear, the less able YOU are to use your own instincts to assess any situation. Choose your friends and partners carefully....



Thursday, November 1, 2018

Braveheart -----trust yourself, trust your coach....

I did it.....I dove in the deep end...not once but four times!! I am so excited I could jump for hours..... (okay maybe a hop....still sore from my race)

Anyway, this is significant, perhaps just to me, but the story behind it is quite amusing.

Back when I was around 14, my mom's boss asked a swim instructor friend of hers to give me one swimming class.  We lived with them during the summer and being as they lived near the beach, being able to swim, would make my summer much better, or so she thought. During this said "class", instead of starting from scratch with more easy challenges, he proceeds to try to get me to dive into the deep end of the pool. Now,  I did not even know how to float yet and this is what he chose to do. Nevertheless, he tried to get me to dive face first into the water and he never did get me to do it. Although looking back now that is not where a swim lesson should begin, I still walked away from the experience feeling very depressed about my lack of bravery.

Until 45....thirty-one years later, I accomplish that task flawlessly.....not once, but four times.....I must give huge credit to my instructor Kira who is a whizz at scaffolding any skill into reachable tiny challenges until you get to the main goal. But I also feel thankful for my ability to shut off the panic and my instructor, who right before jumping in said, "it's totally okay, just do it." I also trust patterns over time.... good things generally come after you jump a matter how small.

So if you have a fear in your heart.....find a good instructor and trust, trust your training, trust your heart.

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

"Definite yesses and definite no-s"

                   We all know what we want, yet, at some point we just forget to check in with ourselves and lose track of that little voice that decided for us, the inner voice that says, a loud yes....or a no.

                   At some points in my life my visceral yes and no have been sharp, at others, not so much. When I met my husband and I talked to him for that 2 hours I knew that night he was a definite yes. Something about his energy rang true, honest and definitive. In 4th grade when a sweet, well-meaning boy strongly professed his love to me, it was a definite no. I did not know what then, all I knew is that it made me scared to feel the force of his request, lingering over me. Yet, other times the yes or the no have been tough to choose between. we all have had these, the giver is well meaning, but us, the receiver, does not need or want what's being offered.

                   I have learned that we will encounter people in our lives who give us with all their heart and send love fully our way yet it still might not be what we truly need. In fact, the intensity of the giver can often scare away the recepeiant for with being the receiver of such intense gifts one can only assume the intensity must be reciprocated. I can liken it to romance; someone might offer you flowers, chocolates and constant positive and loving accolades but if that is not what you want/need then it can actually have the opposite affect, it can make you quite miserable. The line between what's good for is and bad for us is not always a clear, identifiable fine line. I have had friends offer me the world and back, when in fact all I ever needed from a loved one was an honest, caring heart, wine and time. Also, I have had boyfriends who want to wine and dine all the time, yet, when that is not one's "cup of tea" it can make feel quite stressed, even lonely.

                      You might be wondering how does all this relate to running. Well, running takes time and time is a very prized commodity. in the world of anyone who wants to maximize their living potential. With time, I can make a call to a loved one and make his day, with time, I can focus on what's important, like reading to my kids, having dinner with my husband, or share a movie with family. Time and what we do with it is how we live our essence, what we do with it is our life. Seeing as with running, I am left with limited time, I naturally embrace all things that are definite yesses.


Marathon 10, done !!!!

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Dahlias are like me- why dahlia tattoos?

I am getting an arm tattoo of dahlias next week and here is what the dahlia means to me....

Dahlias are like me...
they are reliable, enduring and despite the cold winter, they come back, looking unscathed, every year, without fail.
Dahlias are like me...
They are incredibly fragile and t times considered too sensitive....for the garden. The flowers easily brake at the ever slightest gust of wind. After a storm I find them strewn around, destroyed.  
Dahlias are like me...
They draw all sorts of eclectic friends taking refuge in her petals. 
Dahlias are like me...
They remain more beautiful when left alone, than when they are plucked. When claimed, the stem often immediately breaks off and they are left with no means of life. 
Dahlias are like me...
Their presence alone makes people feel they are noticed.
Dahlias are like me...
They require very nothing in return for all the beauty they provide. 

No one is coming to save you....

               No one is coming to save you. So many problems could be shortened with understanding the meaning behind these few words... The faster you get to understanding this the faster we can do the work we were born on this earth to do. 

No, one, is, coming, to, save, you....

            There is no knight, no set of words, no guru, no friends, no set of words or book, religion, or movie that will fix it all and give you a forever after. In the midst of my worse moments of the not so distant past I have come to this very realization many times. This is it. I am the ONLY one who can get me out of this, only me. You can have friends and family help alleviate some of the journey, but ultimately you have to move your own feet to move forward and grow. You have to define the world through your terms act, move, jump to live it. 

              I have been reflecting a lot lately on this...the idea behind "no one is coming." Once I started running I discovered how little I needed others to help me feel good, or proud of me or just to fell right. The idea that something external to me needed to happen or come in order for me to reach some pinnacle started falling away. No doubt about it thought, the idea itself feels cold, impersonal and seemingly unforgiving, yet, in it's very harshness it holds the key to freedom. The idea that no one is coming forces us to immediately come to terms with our full responsibility over our lives. No one is coming translates to "me.... showing up fully". No one is coming means that I step up all the way or it does not count. Again, it's scary but also liberating. 



Sunday, October 14, 2018

Once you beat one fear, anything is possible

Nothing beats self pride. 
You can get hundreds of accolades all day from people about the progress you are making, yet, the accolades we give ourselves are worth 1,000 times more in my book. 

Yesterday, I learned how to forward flip over in the pool and kick off the wall. I did not grow up knowing how to swim. At age 42 I take my first swimming lesson and now I am much more confident in the water. Therefore, a front flip in the water may seems super simple for people who grew up swimming, yet, this was huge for me! On the drive home from that lesson I was beaming. You see, for the longest time I was terrified of laying face up under water and this is what I finally learned how to do today and it's something I would have always imagined least for me, with so many issues around water. 

We all have things we are terrified to try out as grown-ups so experiences such as this, where age-old fears are laid to rest mean the world to me. Why? Because if there exists other fears growing cobwebs in my mind, I know that although I may not know how I can beat them right now, that's inconsequential. All I need to know is that beating our fears IS possible. The how happens in trusting the process, in trusting that in doing a small bit every time will eventually chip away at those fears. 

Suddenly, I feel empowered to search and find other fear-based beliefs about myself that may be lurking in the dark.... what else is possible, now that this is possible? Maybe I can run Boston in a few years, or maybe I can run 100 miles someday, maybe I can actually get faster....who knows. 

Monday, October 1, 2018

Sunday, September 23, 2018

The juggling act of being a mom and a marathon runner

                 Okay, so I am not one of those marathon runners who run 2-3 marathons a month, not even close, so juggling even training for one marathon is a feat onto itself. I have now run 9 marathons since I started a few years back and that is very conservative in the world of marathon running...but having my foot mostly in the "regular, non-marathon world", training, working and being a mom to two kids is not all. 

         This past Thursday alone I woke up 3:30am to be in the gym by 4am, ran for two hours, went home, showered, made lunches for kids for school, made my own lunch and breakfast, drove to work, taught 6 messy art classes, went back home, cooked dinner and at 9pm I was completely pooped out and literally passed out on my bed while attempting to watch a comedy special on Netflix. That is just what I carry on the outside. There are about hundred other nagging things that eat away at my guilt muscle at all times, every day, such as I need to call my sister, I need to reconnect with a friend I have not seen in a while, the kids' drawers are filled with clothes they no longer fit in, my guest room is filled with items I need to sell online, my papers need to be filed, the trash cans are full,.....and on and on and on. Thank goodness I have a hubby who is not only supportive of my running  but who also does his share of the rearing and cleaning; but seriously  how do single parents do it? Back to my issue; With so many things on my plate at all times, it's a miracle a run even happens some days. Today, for example, I am suppose to run 17 miles. I skipped my golden morning opportunity for a tournament baseball games was scheduled for first thing in the morning only to get an email two hours before the game telling us the game was cancelled due to rain. Not only was it too late in the morning to start my four-hour disappearance, it means I would need to consciously plan for an easy day so that I can accomplish said run at 9pm tonight. 

              So my best plan is to run at 9pm.....a four and a had hour run before a work day. There, that is a slice of my life. As much as this post might seem like I'm complaining, I am not. I love this process. It's a process that fascinates, rejuvenates and fills me with hope....hope for me, hope for all that ever pops up and seems hopeless. The act of doing this mundane act and ever-so-slowly working my way to 20 miles is a beautiful process....similar to caterpillars turning into butterflies... It might be painful, it's might be drastic, it might be slow, it change things forever, but it's the very essence of a live lived. 

I left the house at 9:15 and was out of the gym at 2am! I feel amazing this morning having completed my 18 miles!! woohoo!! When I got home I was so pumped I did not go to bed until I am existing today on 3 hours of sleep....but heck...who cares...I am 2 miles away from 20 and I am feeling strong. 

Sunday, September 9, 2018

16 miles completed.....and a PR...

            Today was one of those mind-over-matter days. I woke up at 4:30am to do my was cold and rainy.......I hate hot, but I despise cold even more....but it gave me a chance to wear my Pistol Ultra hoodie....finally! While over two years ago I ran a 20-miler in the cold cold rain, I did not feel like it today. I decided not to dwell on this sad fact about my aging body and kept on getting ready. I had charged my iPad overnight and had packed my gym bag with salt tablets, GU, take, scissors, extra clothes, vaseline....I was going to do this at the gym while watching Ozark, a new series I am obsessed about. Nothing in me wanted to do this....and even more pressing, nothing in me believed this was possible......Hour one went by...I did fine, took a bathroom break, had a salt tablet and back at it. I returned to my treadmill and an older guy planted himself on the machine right next to me. Oh boy, this was going to be interesting. At 5am the gym had about 30 empty treadmills and this guy is right up my ass. I ignored and continued. He interrupted me three times to tell me how well lI was doing and once to ask me if I was training for the olympics.... I hate compliments and I did not know how to take his mixed bag of compliments. The olympics compliment made me feel nice, but to repeat 5 times, "you are doing very well" was both creepy and totally confusing. Had to idea what to think. I chose to imagine that he may be not quite there. That made me refocus and continue. At mile 8 he got off and again complimented me but I was so happy he was leaving. At mile 12 I was glowing and my iPad ran out of juice. I switched to music and ran strong until mile 16...I was wearing a huge smile on my face! The deed was D.O.N.E. Got off, stretched and went home to regular life....

Monday, September 3, 2018

Struggles of a working mom marathoner

I was due for a 14 miler this Sunday.... then, last minute, my hubby decided we needed to go to the beach one last time before we settled into fall. I got up super early the day we were to drive to the beach, went to the gym and did arms and abs.....

       Because we decided last minute ad I could not get a dog sitter we had to take our dog with us. I found a dog-friendly hotel and we were all set. Look at his yummy little face. 

                           Knowing we would probably be eating crap the whole vacation I gathered some veggies to make juice.   

                 I absolutely adore Rehoboth Beach. First, it's the location to my favorite marathon, the Rehoboth Beach Marathon in the early winter every year. In fact, I already have a room reserved at my favorite hotel for this year's marathon.... My hubby has not yet decided if he's running his first half at Rehoboth this year....if not, I will run the full. When you have kids only one parent can run a race at a time.... the other watches the kids. 

Shoot!! this picture is just gorgeous....and it also makes me so kids are growing so fast!!

My sweet guy.... nowhere exists a man more gentle and sweet. 

         Rehoboth at night on a Holiday is super fun. This is around 9pm Sunday. I knew fairly early on that I would not be getting my long run in during this vacation. 

The hotel offers free breakfast. Here is my son making himself one of those amazing waffles....The picture after is of him AFTER the 

My daughter trying to convince me to buy her another sweatshirt she does not need..... nope, we did not buy this one. 

The Local bookstore had this book.....for all you Walking Dead fans...

Came back home to find my watermelon plant had grown quite fast. Now it's the size of a lemon....

So when is this run going to happen? Ready? It's going to take me 4 hours at the gym..... I will go before work tomorrow and need to be done by 6am to get my kids' and my lunch ready for the day. If I get all this done tonight, including my coffee brewing BEFORE going to bed I may be able to get in another half an hour of sleep. So I will be running from 2:20am-6:20am! Don't worry, when we got home from the beach today I took an obligatory 2-hour nap and been resting in bed all afternoon, as well as hydrating with only water. Running at the gym is as boring as runs go....therefore, I have also been charging my iPad so that I can watch a few movies while I get this run in. Wish me luck!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

14 baby!!!

Completed 14 today....I have two 14s planned in a row so hoping next week's 14 is much nicer. I am planning to go to the beach so I will have to figure out a plan that most likely includes running them all in a gym, for safety, seeing as I do not know the place. 

I come home and little momma is cooking up a storm. I decided to make some juice. Ginger, cabbage, beet, carrots, peppers and dandelion; keeping me 7 years sick free so far. 

and here is my juice....I love these containers....they do not leak and you can carry your juice in your purse!

Dinner was shrimp tacos.....with rice and grilled veggies.....

new flower in the garden

Oh and I scheduled a tattoo.... it's going to be a lot like this one....but of dahlias. 

Took a hike with little momma the next day and it was right after it had rained...the entire forrest was lush, smelled amazing, and we happen to be the only ones there. 

Burke Lake trail has a ton of these physical challenges stations....

....and of course, our dog Brad came along. 

My daughter wanted a second set of earrings and both my hubby and I agreed. We went to a place in Arlington called Craig Pokes You. We had Blake pierce her and he was absolutely great! 

More flowers in the garden 

Me leaving the gym at midnight.... working moms have to do what working moms have to do.