Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Summer Fun

               I have always loved tahini.....and I have always bought the Goddess dressing, which incidentally has tahini in it. Today I made my own dressing with tahini. It had tahini, water, garlic, lemon juice, and very little salt. The salad was great. 

            Bought Nora a new bike yesterday.....21 speed Trek bike. Now I have a trail partner. Today we went for a 6-mile run/bike  around Accotink and she did awesome. It was in the 90's yet she breezed on those hills and pebbly downhills. 

At the bike shop the bike attendant told us about this site where we can find trails and trail maps. 

Me at my friend's pool! 

After ending a 17 mile weekend, 18 miles. 

My Dahlias are blooming!! I think I might purchase some more for my garden.....cannot get enough of them. 

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