Friday, July 14, 2017

Find your song and sing it....

             I once heard this comparison between soccer and golf. How soccer is a group activity that requires very little acreage and can be played anywhere, while golf requires acres and acres of land and how only a few could play on the green at a time, while also being quite expensive, both to play and for the equipment. Well, ladies and gentleman, how about we hold up running next to these two? or  ow about any other sport for that matter. Running, by far, is THE most zen-like sport on earth. You don't need anything to run, you don't need to wear anything special, or even go anywhere special, and apparently, some people don't even need shoes to run. It beats any sport in terms of simplicity. Plus, a bonus, there is ZERO training needed to run, we all essentially know the basics of how to run, it's in our bones. 

         The simplicity of running is not what got me started running, yet, the simplicity of it is what made me continue. As most things often go in life, all one's choices align neatly and predictably with who we really are deep inside. Deep inside, I am a no-frills individual. I wear no make up, I hate getting compliments, I don't ever paint my fingernails OR my toenails, I stay away from flamboyant, over-dramatic people, yet, I highly admire any human who, in the midst of so much modernity, chooses to live life simply. 
           The DNA of who you are, your karma, some might say, shines through all your choices. One such choice can be who you marry. Before I met my now husband I had a dream. You see, I believe there are many types of dreams. There are processing dreams, there are worry dreams and then there are predictive dreams. This was a predictive dream. You see, I come from a long tradition of women who believe in dreams, omens (bad and good) and the significance of random signs.....with the same intensity as some follow, say, a religion. So you bet I paid attention to this dream. In the dream, I met a robe-wearing monk whom I got close to and while having coffee with this monk one day he proposed to me. This was no grand proposal either. It was more done in between two sips of coffee. I happily accepted and we lived happily ever after. Shortly after this dream, I met my now husband, he was living in a group house I moved into in Kensington, Maryland when we met. His lifestyle was as ascetic as they come, for these days at least. He ate the same foods every day, oatmeal for breakfast, tuna for lunch, pasta for dinner, oatmeal, tuna, pasta, oatmeal, tuna, pasta, etc. He also ran the same number of miles every day and on the same route. He owned ONE duffel bag in which he kept a few of his belongings and he was calm, fresh, happy and full of interesting things to talk about. But when I met him, I did not know right away this was the man "of my dreams", excuse the pun. He was NOT at all my type, he had long hair, he was much older, zero tattoos, he wore these thick glasses and was thin and lanky. Definitely not my type. I'd even dare say, he also was not at all interested in me; I was most likely not his type either. At the time, I had 8 piercings and wore only black clothes sometimes held together by safety pins. I was also on the rebound from an 8-year relationship, so I was in full-on party mode. I soon learned though, that I loved talking with him. To this day, this is the one human being I could talk to for hours and never tire, he's highly opinionated, witty, funny, wise and never changes himself for anyone, I respected that. And so, as this story illustrates, the essence of who you are shows up through all your choices. My attraction to simple things lead me to my husband, a humble, calm and simple man, yet, whose wisdom brought simplicity and peace to my then-crazy life. My attraction to simple things also led me to my profession, and to my choice in clothing, the way I do my hair, the things I choose to talk about with my friends, and finally, to running.  

       I don't think running is for everyone, just as don't think most women would be happy in a relationship like mine. Yet, both fill me with joy and satisfaction. It's important to know what speaks to each of us and find the common thread of that specific tune in everything we do. Your thread may be intensity, yours may be movement, yours may be thrill. Whatever it is, you owe it to yourself to find the call that most speaks to you and replicate its song in everything you choose. Happiness is finding that twin soul who speaks the same language. 



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