Sunday, July 23, 2017

$2,000 bikes my ass.....

             I am in the market to buy a new bike for myself for my upcoming birthday. Seems simple enough, right? NOPE! Unlike running gear, buying a bike is like entering a never-ending maze of shit and more shit! Perhaps I have never tuned-in to bikes and their relative cost at all but when did generally GOOD bikes become worth in the thousands and crappy bikes worth about $400-$500. What happened?! Excuse the language but that is such bullshit. I frequented several forums to get an idea of a good, reliable bike and all I see everywhere is this saying, "You get what you pay for". That is doublespeak alert for people who don't think and just follow along what everyone tells them. Come on! I can buy a solid used car for 2-3 thousand dollars, and although I am not a bike athlete I still want a solid bike. But what I get more and more from these forums is that IF you want a generally good bike you need to pay in the thousands. No wonder running is my sport. I can't afford to be a bicyclist anyway. 
             I will continue to chip away online and get some more reliable information to make my selection but the mounting frustration is no fun to deal with, plus, I am starting to not like bicycle people that much anymore. They come into each forum with so much jargon and snootiness.....and again, they so fully believe THE ONLY way to get a good ride is to hand over thousands of dollars. That will sadly not be me. I will find a way to get a good bike, but I be dishing out any more than $500. Whether one has that kind of money to burn or not, it is still absurd to think a typical working class American is going to afford to dish out $1000+ per family member, if so, than no wonder we have such a credit issue. 
                 Getting ready to go for a 6 mile trail run. Will try to get bikes and these dumb forums out of my head. 

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