Monday, March 20, 2017

Can we see more movies about back of the packers?

            A colleague told me about this new movie on YouTube about running called Life in a Day .
While I love, love, love watching all movies about running, I am getting a bit tired of watching ONLY movies about elites. Not to downplay the accomplishments of these runners, running 100 miles in under 18 hours is quite impressive, but so is running 100 miles in 30 hours. I get it, it's human nature, and also very American to want to focus on the mostest, yet, I believe all stories about running as equally inspiring.... If you have any suggestions of films that focus mostly on the mid to back of the packers, please comment below. If I find any, I will post as well. 

Now here (below) is a movie I have watched at least twice and bawled my eyes out. Just something about following one person's journey and seeing them reach their goal that makes me get all emotional.  

Monday, March 6, 2017

100 things I have learned about myself and life .....thanks to running....

1. Sleep fixes it all: No matter what I do I know that once I get a good night's sleep all will be better.
2. Plantar fasciitis takes a very long time to go away, but if you continue to run, it rights itself forever
3. Stretching helps keep you injury-free
4. Stretching after a run is better for my body than before
5. Sneakers that wear out evenly across the bottom do not need to be changed as we are told
6. I run MUCH faster after 2 days of rest
7. Running after a huge weight day is not possible
8. When your whole body hurts upon waking, it's a day off
9. No matter how not excited about running, it WILL go away the minute you pass that first mile
10. Ten minutes of morning grogginess is worth a whole day's worth of positive feeling
11. Music makes me move faster and with less pain
12. Pay attention to the persistent pain, or they WILL continue to haunt you
13. Wear what you most feel comfortable in the gym, you will feel more confident during the workout
14. Salt makes my arms swell early in the morning, and makes my eyes puffy....avoid salty soups and salty snacks
15. Peppermint tea is the best, and most tasty way to hydrate
16. if you drink as much as 1 glass of wine you better drink tons of water AND take 2 anvils so that the next day is not ruined
17. Thin tech socks.....yes!!! worth every penny
18. Roadrunner compression shorts, worth every penny....
19. On days you might not be so confident, wear that 50K t-shirt
20. I love my legs in heels
22. Taking a day off is not giving up
23. Butt pain? stretch more after running
24. My feet at fucking beautiful, no pedicure needed
25. Do not eat anything an hour and a half before running....unless you want cramps
26. Coffee before working out...yes!!
27. When short of time and energy, run indoors.....less figuring out what to wear and you can watch a movie to keep your mind busy
28. Long runs are best done outdoors
29. I can only talk with abandon about running WITH other runners....(contain it with everyone else)
30. Comfort is next to godliness
31. Being alone is the best....I am my own best company
32. I can spot another runner a mile away
33. I love humans again, after a good run
34. I believe running can help so many people.....people who suffer from depression, from lack of self  confidence, from people who lack good health
35. Young runners seem way too obsessed about speed
36. There are two types of runners, the WE's and the ME's. The we's see other runners as part of their community, while the ME's see other runners are competition.
37. 80% of my music choices are based on whether or not I can run to them
38. I gain weight when training for marathons and I don't care
39. I cry at the end of all races
40. I cry watching other people finish races
41. I imitate other's running gait after they pass me
42. I always feel I have to severely limit my talk of running subjects fearing boring my listeners
43. I know everyone I know can run a marathon.....whether they want to or not, now that's a different story.
44. Most people who know I run believe I do it to lose weight and will often comment on my 'weight loss'
45. I hate to talk about anyone's body. It is a topic I will never partake in
46. I (not so) secretly wish to die while running (when I am about 110 years old, or course)
47. I have noticed that running makes one more humble
48. My best ideas come to me while running
49. A year and a half later I am still mourning my old running route, from where we used to live
50. If running outdoors I prefer it be dark
51. I know one day I will run 100 miles.... maybe when my kids have gotten bigger and I can leave for longer periods
52. After a long run is the BEST time to argue with me, I will let you win
53. DO NOT, I not pick on me if I have not been running for 2 or more days.....
54. If I am cranky, make time for me to go to the gym, I will make you dinner and treat you like a king after....
55. If you come cheer for me at a race, I will never forget it
56. Ever wonder what to get me for my birthday? a running gift will make me cry....period. forget flowers, forget jewelry, forget candy.....
57. I have read every running book out there
58. Place is everything
59. If listening to an audiobook while running, I can tell you exactly what part of my route I was in for every section of the story.
60. Self-consciousness goes away after years of running.
61. Because comfort is so essential for any good run, I have very little tolerance for discomfort in any other part of my life.
62. No, my knees are just fine
63. I've run marathons with 2 year old sneakers and survived
64. You can run a marathon without GU
65. I can run 18 miles on 2 hours sleep
66. What you ask me about my runs says a lot about how you feel about me as a runner
67. Ice baths are overrated, but hot baths feel awesome after a long run
68. Compression socks do not feel so good
69. I love my hair long, easier to out up in a pony tail
70. A good pony tail is at times the MOST important thing I own
71. Nope, my earphones are the MOST valuable things I own (they are even insured)
72. My best accessory is my Marathon Maniacs cap
73. You don't wait around waiting for people to support your hobbies, just do them, in time they will get it. All will be fine, just give it time
74. Which reminds me, all will be fine, just give it time.
75. Patience and time is a great healer
76. Sleeping well every other day is doable
77. Many mugs of hot herbal tea can make almost anything go away
78. Beauty is in everywhere, even in the ugly
79. No one need to be proud of you, that counts for nothing. Now you being proud of you, now that's something
80. Running songs have an expiration date
81. Warmth, salt, sleep and hot tea....these are my doctors
82. Yoga is calling me
83. lose weight and you get faster (duh)
84. I love seeing workers who commute by running
85. I am familiar with most running celebrities.....
86. I enjoy seeing other people's running accomplishments
87. One thing I love about the gym is seeing the same people in there when I go
88. I need to run after doing weights, they just come together that way
89. I cannot wait for the fall when I can run more during the week
90. I wear my running t-shirts much like a blankie, helps me feel more confident
91. Weights and running go hand in hand
92. Sitting for too long is painful
93. Movies on close caption while listening to music, that is the way to do indoor treadmill running
94. Slow down for most of it and make that last mile a fast one
95. No matter how many runners don't say hello, always nod at another runner (or smile or a thumbs up)
96. Charge that flashlight before morning runs
97. Most people you know will never ask you about your running obsession, no matter how much they know you love it, but the ones who do are keepers.
98. If you think about anything long enough, it's all pretty funny
99. Pain, hunger, darkness and discomfort are not scary
100. Incongruence, shiftiness and odd lose ends are warning signs, pay attention.