Sunday, November 27, 2016

New Goals, new directions

            I feel little inspiration lately to post my runs or write about running, but running has been happening nevertheless. Maybe not the long runs like a few weeks back, but certainly a solid 5K daily to get me feeling positive, today I will even go in to do weights and a 5K run. We all get in a funk occasionally but I'm not quite sure this lingering negative cloud can be categorized as a "funk" yet. Although it's surely hard to feel positive these days, and its lasting longer than usual, I have a deep belief that these broody feelings will dissipate eventually. As you all may know, it all started with running marathon #7 while knowing my grandma was dying in New York and simultaneously feeling sad for my own mother mom having to deal with these emotions alone. I had also driven a total of 20 hours the week of the race to see my grandma both before and after she passed. 

           In the midst of feeing all hopeless and trying very hard to remain somewhat positive and hopeful a wonderful movie comes along and as all great movies that have ever come to change my life it came my way like a well-planned accident from the Universe. It was a movie about the Boston Marathon. It primarily covered the struggles of the victims from the bombing in 2013 and their long path to recovery. I was reminded that I GET to do this daily. I get to run, to sweat, to move, to stretch and get that amazing feeling I get after every run, of a job well done. 

          After watching the movie a very tiny voice inside started churning, and whispering; some very big"what ifs" began coming forward. What if I run the Boston Marathon one day?. What if I can get fast enough by age 50 to actually qualify to run it? I immediately look up the times and 99.9% of me is saying NO WAY! and yelling "come on Miriam, you would have to run 2 minutes a mile faster than you've run when even 30 lbs. lighter and 3 years younger...IM.PO.SI.BLE!!". But if there is ONE thing I have learned from the power of the mind these past few years is that ones reality only allows what one can imagine. If you can imagine it, it's absolutely possible. 

               So here I am at 43, quite overweight (and that is an understatement) and dreaming of running Boston. Yes, I know, totally crazy. But as I let this seed slowly take place in my imagination another part of me is already paving a path for this to really happen. Lose weight, practice speed drills, get stronger, get leaner, get meaner.....blah, blah, blah. And just like that the impossible becomes more possible. If at 30 lbs. lighter (last year's weight) I can run 11 minute miles.....what if I shed off my extra weight slowly. I surely can make 9 minute miles at peak body weight and training before 50. So there, as silly and stupid as this might sound to most normal people,  it's huge, scary and oh so enticing to focus my energy on such a lofty and pricey goal.....

            I know there are no such things as accidents and I know this movie came into my life at JUST the right time. I walked away from seeing it feeling so blessed to have these amazing gifts, the gifts of running, the gift of a body that is strong, healthy and relentless. This movie came into my life at just the right time for I was looking for something to occupy my mind, to take me away from this funk. For the next 4 years of this presidency I plan on working on this very goal, fully, wholeheartedly. 

             Now some logistics. Everything will have to be overhauled from food, ones thoughts, extra activities, even friendships....for only in fine-tuning every large meaningful aspect of ones life can one begin to make room for the big dreams. There will be no time for emotionally draining relationships, no time for wasted work-related drama, no time for foods that weaken, or thoughts that destroy ones positivity. You see, anyone CAN adopt larger than life dreams, but they take up space just like any physical thing might take up space in our home. The room needs to be cleared for the new things that occupy the space to be fully functional. 

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