Wednesday, November 2, 2016

marathon seven done!!

         I am writing 2 weeks post race about my 7th marathon. Seems like forever ago....four days before the race I had driven to NYC to say goodbye to my grandma who had had a stroke the week before and now here I was back in DC trying to complete a race when my heart was not in it. The first 17 miles went just fine, but right around mile 18, after I had made it past the dreaded bridge, I lost steam and started to get very emotional. The guilt of not being with my mom for these very tough day got to me. I also felt so sad for all my aunts and uncles so tightly holding on to hope that my grandma would eventually pull through and she could go back home. She never made it back home. She died a week later on a Thursday. Since then other tragedies have happened, one of the the election of a bigot to the White House. I cannot even get myself to utter his name, less look at him on TV. I have run a few runs since, a few 3 milers, a few 2 and even a 4 miler. 

         One good thing that came out of this race was a new friend. During the friend I met another struggling runner, a young man, and helping him realize his first marathon helped me tremendously to keep me focused on other things besides my own problems. Two weeks later I used the bib numbers on the photos to find him online. Happens that he was also looking for me and even wrote about me in his own running blog. Overall, very cool turn of events in light of all the gloomy things going on. 

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