Sunday, September 4, 2016

Week eight done baby!!

             I did it. 14 miles and my pace was MUCH better than last week's long run. I ran into this little guy on mile 4. Must have fallen yesterday when it was super windy. 

                      I had a huge goal for this run...First, it was originally a run meant for yesterday but because I chose to do a very hard speed-run Wednesday I was still sore from the effort and since this run I wanted to meet a speed goal I could not afford to be sore at all. So I waited an extra day but then stupidly forgot to not overdo it and volunteered for my son's travel team and helped weed for an hour. This was a whole hour, bent over pulling stubborn weeds and beating wet dirt off heavy roots on the  baseball field, and oh did I feel it this morning, especially on my back. So you see, this was not going to be a good morning. The other obstacle was my time. Last week my time was so bad that if I continued this way I knew I'd be pulled off the course at the MCM if I continued running this slow. Needless to say I needed to bust a move on this run to at least meet 14mm, or close to it....seeing that I still have 8 weeks to perfect my run. 

I got to midpoint and stopped my watch and what was my speed? this is still very slow for most people, but, seeing as last week I was way slower, this was fantastic. I almost broke out crying right there. The time for the last 7 miles was a bit slower but not significantly, so I am super excited. Now all I have to do is work on my speed during the shorter weekday runs. So far improvements are happening and things are heading the right direction. 
          My friend Jenna texted me an image of herself doing a headstand and it was sent at JUST the right moment. I so needed encouragement at mile 8 and 9...we texted for a bit. Another encouraging scary happened at mile 13. I see a woman with a hydration belt running towards me, she smiles as she approaches and I gave her a high five....a high five....I have ALWAYS wanted to do this but always felt too shy, too conflicted about how it would be perceived....but this time, it felt very natural and her hands went up and away she went past me...very cool!
Like every long run, there is ALWAYS some kind of adventure. at mile 13.90 I am sprinting to the finish and a chihuahua comes out at me on the street. I could not just leave it there to potentially get run over so I start looking around for its owner. He won't just come up to me, but kept barking and growling in the cutest way. Even the scanty hairs on its back was up, I had to laugh and take a picture. Finally, the owner saw her from her yard and came out to retrieve the dog. Mission accomplished. I ran the last .10 and stretched against my car as I always do after any nice to be back home. 

This is a happy face....

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