Thursday, September 8, 2016

4am committments

                4:00am wake ups....They have been tough to commit to this week, especially. I am an elementary school teacher and this past Monday the kids came back to school from summer vacation.  Twice I chose to stay in bed (caved) and did the mental gymnastics while in bed, cuddled up to my partner pillow, as I lay fully awake, trying to maneuver the day at hand and see where else I can possibly fit today's training, if not this morning. What happens after is even more torturous than being yanked out of a warm, cozy bed at 4am. The consequence, if you may, is a day-long bout of pure guilt that lasts all day long, not to mention loss of sunny disposition I normally carry when I do get that workout done. 
            Today while reading the latest copy of UltraRunning (Sept. 2016 edition) there is this article titled The 4:30am rule. One line stuck out to me,

            "If you have no choice, anything is possible. When the alarm goes off at 4:30am., literally or figuratively, get up and take action. You committed ahead of time, and whether or not you feel like doing it in the moment doesn't really matter if you're working towards something aligned with your higher purposes in life. 4:30am moments happen all the time, and the more you follow through on previous commitments when push comes to shove, the easier it becomes to do it regularly."

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