Sunday, April 17, 2016

When and who we talk to about running...

       Do any of you contain yourself when you talk about running to non-runners? I do. There is this little voice inside my head that will begin warning me within minutes of talking about any of my running accomplishments with a non-runner. It will whisper things like, "they don't care" to me or, "don't you see their eyes rolling!!?". I grew up with an older brother that was very humble and looked down upon bragging. As a young child I adopted his ways and to this day see bragging as a desperate attempt to get attention, so I try my best not to delve into my favorite of all subjects, running. 
          I think God daily that I have a handful of people in my life that I can talk 'running' with. It very much can seem like a totally different language. there are words and phrases like paces, taper, PR, BQ, fartleks, chafe, hit-the-wall, base, kick, single-track...and on and on and on. Who do you talk running with?