Tuesday, January 5, 2016

And finally, the cold comes

Tweeted: Determined to stay on 'top of the cold'...Two tights, two tops shell jacket, flashlight, reflector, music, mace, yurbuds, hat, fingerless gloves, water bottle....

Oh, I so love the challenge of running in cold weather. Figuring out just what to wear is a challenge on its own, not to mention the run itself. Yesterday, My daughter had gymnastics and since I could not get my butt out of bed for my early run, I decided it would get done during her class. I wore and carried the following:

short sleeve tech top
long sleeve tech top
wind jacket 
reflective strap across my chest
warn hat
fingerless gloves
water bottle
earphones (Yurbuds)
long pants
tights under pants
long wool socks
powerful flashlight 
ID bracelet 
Garmin watch (220)
one of my kids' baby snow gloves to stuff my phone into so it won't freeze

You see what I mean.....forgot one of those things and the run will not work. I wanted to do 5, but, I was still in a lot of pain from my last run of 7 miles 2 days ago. The morning it was 10 degrees....so much more of this cold coming. 

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