Saturday, December 26, 2015

Milage totals for past 3 years....

Total for year 2013-1352 miles
Total for year 2014-1429 miles YES!!
Total for year 2015 is 786 miles (not too good....)

I am not too happy with these numbers. But, at least I now know what I need to aim get back to 1429, my all-time high I need to run at least an average of 27 miles a week.....let's just round that off to 30 miles a week as a base. 

Tuesday 5
Wednesday 8 (or 4 miles Monday & 4 miles Wednesday)
Friday 4  
Saturday 9
Sunday 4

Monday, December 7, 2015

Post- Marathon blues...

              I have not written for some time. My relationship wit running has changed a lot in the past few months. I have since bought and moved into a house and a new state. For about 2 months we also had my mother-in-law living with us which added extra responsibilities on my already-full plate. 

               I am currently struggling to stay on one of those holiday streaks in which you run/walk 1+ miles a day from Thanksgiving to New Years. I think for the New Year I need to reassess this relationship with running. There are almost two sides of me when it comes to running. There is the side of me that wants more and more every time and sets me up for loftier and loftier goals each year. Then, there is the side of me that comes out after any run and that is the part of me that simply appreciates any run, of any distance. At this moment I am not quite sure how to appease one part of me without sacrificing the other. If I start training for the ever-illusive 50 miler I've been dreaming of and putting off for the past 3 years, I will begin to stress out my life more than it already is and I am not quite sure I want to uber-focus on huge strenuous training plans quite yet. I have been having so much fun getting back into my art, and making nightly dinners and some days sleeping other words, being normal. On the other hand, JUST running for running sake, like my hubby's been doing for 25+ years, just lacks the feeling of triumph races offer. 

           To avoid getting lost in this endless thought pattern I have reflected a lot on the parts of running that I do like. I love the feeling after the run, I love stretching after a run, I love how being outside with the wind in my face just long enough helps me pretty much solve any personal issues I might have at the moment. So, this much I do know....I do not want to stop running. For now, I am content just running my legs daily (I may skip a day here and there) and not setting any lofty goals until I feel that my body is in fact getting stronger. 

        One other thing I do know is that I DO want to run a 50 miler within the next year. which one?, I'm not sure. I just know I have the metal fortitude to get myself through a long race, yet, I need to get my body in control first. I have gained a bit since last year and extra pounds  do quite a lot to slow one down. SO first things first. I will work on eating better, juicing daily, getting enough sleeping and staying away from processed foods and sugar. Simple enough I know, yet, once one falls off the 'wagon' the possibilities of climbing back up to the wagon becomes less and less possible with each new day that passes. 

Funny how one's view of things can either make or break you. I just ran my 6th marathon on November 1st. That is only about 5 weeks ago. Yet, I cannot get myself to celebrate much this accomplishment because I am too busy being hard on myself. As the weeks of my streak continue and only 1+ miles are required daily I will continue to reflect upon where to point my goals to next....and making sure that the results of these endeavors are no more important that the journey it took to get me there.