Sunday, June 28, 2015

continuing on the theme of.....NEVER GIVE UP.....

           The funny thing about being a runner is that you don't feel like one unless you've run a respectable distance (whatever that is for you) within any given week. I could take 2-3 days off running and all of the sudden feel like the Slob of the Universe. Only running anything over 4 miles again can bring me back to feeling good about myself as a runner. 

           Running has been quite a struggle lately. It actually should be a lot easier seeing as I am a teacher on summer vacation, but, it's not. Being a stay-at-home-mom seems like a piece of cake until you do it. Kids are ALWAYS hungry, always fighting with each other, requiring some kind of maternal intervention; If one gets any rest, it's a COMPLETE miracle. 

         Great news! Today I went to the runner store in Rockville, MD, called RoadRunner, and bought tons of new running gear. I bought myself a killer Moving Comfort  Rebound Racer running bra, a black Nike tech T-shirt, a cool, strappy, RoadRunner blue tank and a pair of black 8" RoadRunner shorts. My bottoms are always an XL, and my tops are always L.....finding anything XL in the running store was not easy, but I tried not to lose my patience and kept on looking and telling myself that despite the fact that most items did not come in my size, I belonged there. After 45 minutes of trying thing on in the dressing room, I felt happy with all my purchases. I turn 42 in a month today.....and frankly, I deserve it!

            More great news....we are closing on a house July 15th and negotiations, which were grueling and stressful, ended yesterday, another reason why I am celebrating with some wine. The whole week I have been using my runs as stress relievers. Now, I can use my runs to purely daydream about my new running trails around the lake that's about 2 blocks from our new home, or how I can now get my kids bikes so they can use them to accompany me on my runs, around the lake....

           I am in week 3 of my marathon training for the fall. Needless to say, I am making sure no matter how much I skimp on my weekly runs, to not skimp on my long runs. I feel myself getting stronger as a runner and it's reassuring to feel myself meet each challenge with some struggle but not anything I can't handle. Marine Corps and NYC Marathon, here I come.