Thursday, May 14, 2015

Morning runs, less stress on the body

                 I experience more stress on the days I don't run in the morning and then try, the entire day, to figure out a way to squeeze it in later. In essence, missing my morning run causes huge, I mean HUGE stress in my life. There, yet another reason why running in the morning is, in essence, 'more bang for your buck'. But as we all have experienced, waking up early to run is like walking a fine line. On one side is cozy bed, sleep, comfort, warmth, on the other is a great feeling throughout the day, and a free evening, both weight fairly equal until you throw in stress..... Now, this one last reason above makes all the difference in tipping the scale towards morning runs. Yes, I hold no doubt, morning runs are WAY more beneficial all around than even afternoon runs of the same length and/or intensity because with morning runs I carry less stress throughout the day. Of course, that does not help getting up at 5am every morning any easier. The alarm sounds and each time it's a tough mental battle to even remove the covers and sit up, yet, that discomfort only lasts at most half an hour....much better than the discomfort of NOT running and being stressed all day about whether or not I will be too tired after work to get a run in....not worth the cozy as that bed seems I now know which decision brings me the most comfort.