Wednesday, March 4, 2015

I got into the NYC Marathon 2015!!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

5 miles on ice

             This was the MOST icy run I have ever had and I had a blast!!!! The sidewalks were long stretches of ice sheets. Rain came down and felt amazing against my skin but also kept adding layers and layers of ice to everything, leaves, barks, grass, sidewalk. I started off wearing a warm hat but took it off after mile 1 and the rain felt totally refreshing, just what I have been needing all day! On this day I decided it might be wise to wear my Yaktrax, one of those seemingly totally useless purchases all runners make when they first start running. In fact, I have worn the Yaktrax only once last year, and back then, I felt it was totally useless for the amount of snow that had fallen and never once thought about it until this day. On THIS day, I could not have made it 10 feet without it. 

            One amusing aspect of running with the Yaktrax was that people all around were walking as if they just woke up and had a severe leg least, that is how I walk when I have an injury. I could not believe how reliable these things were. At first, I was a bit apprehensive and could not totally relax into each step thinking I might still slide, or slip or fall, bit no, I did not slip once! I started to feel more confident as mile 1 came to an end and from then on it felt great. It get EVEN better knowing at the end of my run that I did not see one other soul out there running in the entire hour and 20 minutes I was out there. On most days like this I will see one, maybe two people out facing the elements, but not today.