Saturday, November 1, 2014

As simple as it gets...

Running is so simple. You put on your shoes, and out the door you go. 

       I have found that surrounding yourself with simple things, simple relationships, simple love, simple jobs, simple and uncomplicated friendships can add to my general happiness. Too often, when I've met people who have all sorts of drama in their lives, the phrase, "Oh what a tangled web we weave" keeps crossing my thoughts.  Too often these people have often taken the few large decisions they could make in their lives and all the way through they've chosen the most painful, complicated paths, instead of the more simple ones. Make no mistake, I've been there too. I chose to stay with a very wrong person for EIGHT LOOOOONG years before I chose to save ME, my sanity, my future, my vision of my future. People who choose sanity over chaos have my deepest respect; and too often the ones who live the simplest lives have walked through the worse types of hell. 

      But there is good news..... The very simple act of running and making room for this sport in our lives can truly come in handy to help us, in essence, take the garbage out, make things less complicated. 

      How you ask? Let me explain. Running has the power to change one's life. It not only has changed mine, but millions of others all over the world. Just read any blog about running, you will quickly learn that running has allowed people with all sorts of living hell to simplify their lives and find true happiness and hope.

      On a more technical level though, when you go out and sweat, let the wind blow on your face as you run around your neighborhood, you are teaching your body to crave this very act of moving through space. During every one of my runs, at about mile 3, I start beaming, a huge smile comes across my face and all is good with the world for the rest of my run and hours and even days after. It is about mile three that my body has gotten over the initial stiffness and is now smoothly moving though space and I realize just then how amazing this gift of running is.....All things fall into place and all that does not below is clearly seen as extra.....

So just get out there. Forget paces, races, speed, other runners....just go out there and do your best. Afterwards, bask in your triumph. You'll see that within a few weeks you begin crave how good you feel after every run and naturally fall into a pattern that works for you. The rest works itself out, I promise. Your daily runs, like as in meditation, will allow you the clarity of mind to know what needs to be done next. Your runs will allow you to learn on a very real level that nothing is impossible.  

Perhaps I am truly unable to express here in this post just HOW it is that running changes lives, but I just know it does....One thing I do know, it's that running is so important to my own personal sanity, and to my physical and emotional well being. It is the activity which shines on a light on life itself. 

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