Saturday, May 3, 2014

Mother Runner Gift Ideas for Mother's Day....

Here are some of my ideas of what to give a mother runner for Mother's Day from a tried and true mother runner.

Here is a great basket JUST for marathoners found at Well Baskets online. I LOVE the idea of a basket of running related objects. My dream basket would have a combination of any of the following: GU's (various flavors), a pair of Balega socks, honey stingers, a new cap, a running store gift certificate ($25 or more), new water bottle, sports sunscreen. Of course you don't need someone to put the basket together for know your runner best....make a personalized basket only you know she'd love. 

If your mother runner is at all like me, she might have her bibs and medals just hanging from all over the place. A great gift would be getting her a place to display your medals and bibs.....lots of different styles can be found on

Running-related jewelry. This one is found on Etsy in the store labeled, TheRunHome 

Balega socks are my favorite is where you can order some on Amazon. 

A running tank's getting hot and t-shirts will no longer be cool enough.....You cannot go wrong with this is the link to the one below:

I don't think a runner fanatic can ever have enough running-related bumper is one that I would love...

 This might be a bit odd....but dates are the latest in natural, non-GU snacks for long runs. I would NORMALLY not buy them because they are so, they make a great treat as a gift...can never get enough of these!!

Of course, a gift certificate to a running store is DREAMY.....the BEST gift I've ever gotten so far has been this one.....I went to the store and got a $100 discount on my Garmin....totally awesome.

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