Wednesday, November 20, 2013

X-Mas Wishlist- Stocking Stuffers for the Runner in Your Life

Balega Socks 
         Running socks ARE expensive, BUT as gifts you get even ONE for a runner and they would love you forever. I promise. Make sure you get their size. 

Nathan Quick View Hydration Pack

    I have used mine on every single run from the short 4 milers to the marathon. It's my constant companion. I love this water bottle. You will only win when you get one of these for your runner. 

Nathan Hydration Nathan Hydration 2013 Tri-Color Reflective Vest

     Any reflectivewear means you care!! this one is easy to put on over anything and does the job. I have owned the ankle and wrist ones and they scratch and do not feel right. 
Knuckle Lights 
           These are highly recommended on the Women's Running Network. 

Running Magnets 
                Make sure they are magnets NOT stickers. 

Pepper Spray 
                  I carry mine whenever I run very early, very late or in the dark. 

Marshall's Gift Certificate 
                All sensible runners shop at Marshall's. They can get twice as much for the money. 

Nike Thermal Running Gloves 
                 Runnig gloves are a step above regular gloves. Says you take your loved one's running seriously. I would LOVE these (hint, hint). 

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