Sunday, November 24, 2013

Running in the Bitter Cold

                 I am so excited. I did my first run in the bitter cold this season. It was 24 degrees at 6am. I had been dreading running in very cold temperatures. Knowing that I can easily talk myself out going out in the dark and cold mornings, I made sure I prepared all my clothes and gear the night before, all the way down to the two sticks of gum I'd need. Within 10 minutes of the alarm I was out the door, heading south on Connecticut Avenue. I saw a total of 3 other runners, so needless to say, I felt quite brave. When the sun came up an hour later, I turned off my headlamp, and smiled as the sun rose with such spectacular colors. I got home 8 miles later and felt wonderful. 

Here is what I took with me this morning and it all worked!:
* Warm hat
* Wool gauntlets
* Two layer of pants (one compression pants and one regular tights over it)
* Warm top
* Windbreaker 
* Headlamp
* Water bottle with water 
* IPhone (GPS/Music player in one) 
* Mace 
* Two Gu's 

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