Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Reflection....what went well, what could be improved

                   Okay.....so I am on to my next adventure folks...The George Washington's Birthday Marathon on Feb 16th, 2014. I have chosen the Hal Higdon Intermediate 2 Training Program and I will be formally starting with week 7 on that plan (which will be Monday for me) I am pumped to get started! But, in order to do better on this new marathon I need to make a list of what I could do better and what I did well. 

What worked:
* Carrying my own hand-held hydration water bottle was a wonderful idea. 
* I planned well for the weather. Since it will be much colder in February, I will need to start taking good notes as to what is appropriate clothing for each temperature. Maybe keep a log and that way I will know exactly what to put on that day. 
* Wearing a cap was great, the sun came out and I did not have to deal with glare. No sunglasses needed. 
* Listening to an audiobook at the beginning and at around the halfway point doing music also worked well. 
* Drink to thirst, take an S-cal tablet every hour and a GU every half hour. 
* Vaseline helped with chafing!! Had zero chafing!!!
* Half an hour of stretching and 20 minute of walking right after helped enormously with recovery. 
* Juicing before and after race also helped keep me strong. 
* Wear t-shirt from a prior race to remind self that, "You've got this!!"
* Wearing my MT1010 New balance sneakers was awesome. The minimalist aspect allowed me to run with the correct form. 
* Checking behind me before I moved 'lanes' so as to not knock into anyone. 
* Credit card and extra phone charger were in the pocket of my hydration water bottle and NOT on my belt. 

What I need to do better:
* Drink coffee at home, about 2 hours before race. 
* I seriously need to carry 10 easy-on-the-stomach flavored GU's. New products offered may or may not agree with me. I think I will go back to Espresso Love flavor GU's. The Vanilla started tasting WAY too sweet and at the end I could not take any more down. 
* DO buy thrift store clothes for the race....less hassle. 
* Have a lot more music on my playlist. I think I am a bit tired of the music I have. 
* Have several audiobooks to choose from in case the one I chose does not work out. 
 * If I need to wear pants, I need to get some comfy, (non-compression) warm tights. 
* Get a GPS watch once and for all. The Map My Run app has failed me twice now on my long runs and I am not sure why. 

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