Thursday, November 14, 2013

2 whole days left until my FIRST marathon!!

                       This is finally becoming a reality!!...At this time in 3 days time I will most likely be a marathoner! I don't think I am nervous about the run itself but I am very, very anxious about how I am going to be getting there. Seeing as it's in a city I have never been in during the day, I am nervous about the logistics of how I will actually get to the event.  Once I get there, I think I will be much more relaxed and I will know exactly what to do running-wise, hydration-wise, calorie-wise. Mostly, I can't wait for it all to begin. I love the race expos, I love the pre-race jitters, I love people-watching while running, I love the feeling of the 'shared struggle' we all experience on race day; very few experiences match being in a race. Aside from finishing, my other goals are to have fun, to dress successfully for the weather and to prevent bonking at all costs. Will post pics from the expo....

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