Sunday, September 22, 2013

50K training coming to an end.......ready to crush this race

                         Woke up 3:45am Saturday to get ready for my first every 26 mile run. It was one of those mornings where I could have easily turned around on my pillow and gone back to bed. But I had come too far to do that. I got up, made coffee, filled my hydration pack, packed some GU, snacks, ibu, smeared anti-chafing cream in key areas and was on my way. It was dark for almost 3 hours of the run. I ran from my home to Maryland and back to DC, going south on Massachusetts avenue all the way to Downtown DC. I was doing amazing, feeling strong. Every once in a while I would text Chris what milage I was at and he would send me some cute encouraging words one of my kids had said to convey to me. But at mile 22, I got 3 consecutive texts urging me to get home that my daughter, who is 6, has gotten accidentally hit on the face by her big brother with a metal baseball bat and that we needed to take her to the ER. I found a cab after much work and we rushed to the ER. All turned out well and we felt so incredibly lucky to get our little momma back home in one piece. Today, Sunday, I did 11.5 miles on tired legs and feel I did the best I could under the circumstances. Total 33.5 mils for the weekend.....I think I am ready to crush this 50K!! 

Below are pics from my adventure....
The Monument, sun has come up finally...

I used the bathroom at the Lincoln Memorial......cleanest bathroom in all of DC. 

Me looking tired and sweaty!!
My little sweet momma being so patient and positive after being hit in the face with a bat.....she even smiled for the photo......

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  1. Great Job! I love running that area...getting ready for the MCM, on the 27th.