Friday, June 28, 2013

50K training: Terrified, Yet Determined

                       I am both terrified and determined concerning my 50K training that began this week. There were a few days right after I paid for registration in which I simply felt this was all a terrible idea and I was very ready to just call and cancel. As a way to help me figure out what I should do next, I began researching 50K trainings online and decided that I could easily combine the parts of each that I liked to make my own training plan and came up with this one. It takes into account the fact that I already run long miles every weekend and the fact that I have already have a solid running on which to build on. I am also fully trusting that, although I can't imagine myself doing 31 miles now, that as I faithfully follow the training program in the next 16 weeks I should see myself get stronger. For now I will try my best to keep up with my training days and not get injured as I increase my weekly miles. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Running and body image

                     I remember going to day camp in Montauk, NY as a pre-teen and being the only Latina in a group of hundreds of children who were primarily Caucasian. Although I did not feel different from them in any way, at times, I caught glimpses of how I was perceived as different by others. For example, I distinctly remember one girl loudly claiming, while in a group of buddies, 'Wow, you have a huuuuuuge butt!' I don't think she meant to be mean, it was a plain, shocked observation by a girl who did not know better, or frankly had never been around curvy Latin girls. Yet, from that comment forward, I became withdrawn in the way I dressed. I cared little for that sort of 'attention'. I chose to hide; I hid by eating more, hid by wearing larger clothes, hid by not being myself.

                      Fast forward to the present and it's not like running came along and BOOM made my 'huge' butt go away.  Yet, what running did do for me was make it okay for my big butt to exist. I am not going to hide my body just because it makes some uncomfortable. In the past year I have found out that my body is capable of so much and I am not about to punish it by shamefully hiding it. Having the ability to run 15 miles non-stop, for example, can make anyone feel in awe of one's body. After training my body to successfully run that far, how could I possibly think of it as anything less than strong and capable? So, yes, I still have a 'huge' butt in relation to the rest of my body, but it's how I was made and if it hasn't disappeared after a year of fairly moderate running, most likely it's going nowhere fast.

                     So....not used to seeing a curvy lady showing her bumps? Oh well, unfortunate for you compression shorts are the only shorts that keep me from getting 'chub rub'. Don't know what that is? Well, THAT is part of the problem. Seriously, google it. One of the best things about getting older is how little you begin to care what others think, comfort begins to be THE priority of choice on all fronts.  So unlike me at 15, I am now wiser and unabashedly fearless.....whether you like what you see or not, it is what it is. 


Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Started on my 50K training schedule!

                         Started my 50K training schedule. It will be 17 weeks long. It's modeled after this one I found online at . It's amazing how much easier it is to convince myself to get up in the morning to run when I am following a program. Inside, I am still very undecided about whether or not this race will take place, yet, I am at the moment determined to give it my best shake and not get scared off my resolve. Trying hard not to stress over the logistics of getting to a race at 7am-ish that is 3 hours away, etc.....will need to work out the details as I get closer to the date and if I am able to stay on course. I am depending on being able to have more time this summer to keep up the miles.
                           Last week I was about to call and cancel my registration. I got scared all of the sudden. The enormity of the miles got to me and I needed to allow myself to be unsure for a couple of days in order to work it all out in my head. But this week, I am less fearful of the milage and more determined to get it done, even if I have to walk the whole way! Besides, unlike some 50Ks I researched this one does not have a cut-off. In the meantime, all I have to worry about is covering my miles, doing the training schedule as listed to the best of my ability and not getting injured as I up the miles in the coming weeks and months.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Decided on my first 50K!!!

Okay, I am super exited and yet, super name should be under the list of entrants soon.

Finally found a great 50K to do in the fall. It's the West Virginia Trilogy 50K.

Here are some links I found that give more info....anyone else interested in running and training for it with me? Obviously we would not be able to train together, but it would be nice to go through the training process with other people.

Online info:

***A blog entry:

***Race report from official site:

***And another race report from the official site: 

***and yet another:

Local 50Ks in September/October

Here is some info on two 50KM races 2 or less hours from DC in the late fall of 2013......will post more as I find out more...


* Name: Gunpowder Keg 50K Trail Race
* Date: September 23, 2006 8AM
* Location: Gunpowder State Park, Hereford
Race Directors: Chris Cucuzzella
* 1 hour 15 minutes away from home 

Runners cannot accept any aid from anyone (crew, family, friend, “stranger”, bicycle) beyond 100 feet of an Aid Station. (Of course in an emergency/crisis situation, runners should accept aid from anyone who is available to assist with their needs!)
There are 6 road crossings on the course. Only 1 road crossing will offer runners the right of way. 
The New River Trail is a multi-use trail. Expect to share the trail with other users including cyclist and horses and riders. Horses have the right of way. When approaching from behind, slow down and ask to pass on the riders left.  
Runners are permitted to use personal listening devices, yet should remain able to stay
aware of their surroundings.All runners have 7 hours (That is a 13.5 minute pace) to complete the race. The race will start at 8am sharp. We will start breaking down the finish line area shortly after 3pm. 

Other races:

October 11-13, 2013
Please read all of this information.
While the Trilogy is designed as a three day stage race, those wishing to run only one or two of the races may submit entries for individual races. See the Entry Form for more details.
* Race is limited to 100 participants. Entrants must be at least 18. Sorry, but there are no pets allowed at The Mountain Institute.
Registration for the complete Trilogy, the 50k and the 50 mile closes September 27, 2013.
* Start Times:  50k on Friday 7:00am, 50 mile on Saturday 6:00am, Half Marathon on Sunday 9:00am.
* The time limit to complete the 50k is 10.5 hours.  There are no cutoffs.   
* Trilogy 50K/50M/HM entrants will receive a Patagonia Cap 3 Zip Neck and a Run For The Hills Half Marathon cotton T and all meals.
* 50k only entrants will receive a Patagonia Capilene T-shirt and Thursday evening prerace meal.
* 50 mile only entrants will receive a Patagonia Cap 2 Zip Neck (long sleeve) and Friday evening prerace meal.
* Run For The Hills Half Marathon only entrants will receive a cotton T-shirt.
50k only- Thur prerace dinner, light prerace breakfast
50 mile only- Fri prerace dinner, light prerace breakfast
Half Marathon only - Sat prerace dinner, light prerace breakfast and Sun post race lunch
* Packet pickup for the Trilogy and individual 50k/50m/HM will begin at 4:30pm Thursday October 10 at the main yurt.
* Packets for the individual 50m/HM races may also be picked up on the evening before the race and for the HM beginning at 7:00am race day.
* There will be a brief prerace meeting at 7:00pm following dinner on Thursday as well as the following evenings.
* Refunds will be granted minus $10 through 9/20/13.  No entry fees will be refunded after this date; please do not ask.
* Contact information; Adam Casseday 304-636-4944, or Dan Lehmann 304-924-5835
50k – 4871 feet gain

* Entrants so far click here.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Figured out source of odd foot pain....

                        I was getting this odd pain on the outer, middle part of the bottom of my left foot and started to worry. But during my 5 mile run this morning I figured out why it was hurting me. During my trail race, this past Sunday I had to do a lot of very, very steep walks. At some points these hills just became too much and I would push off primarily with the balls of my feet. I must have done this at least 5 times during the 13.1 miles and did not think of it again until now. I am somewhat relieved that it's not a more serious injury, and in fact, I have noticed that after a manageable run, where I don't push myself too hard, it hurts a bit less.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

My North Face Endurance Challenge Half-Marathon in Sterling, VA

               This was my first trail race and it was so fun!! Lots of obstacles such as very steep hills going up and down, some muddy areas, and some areas where you had to cross a small body of water over rocks. 
At the beginning everyone waiting for the race to begin. 

Beautiful views all around

More beautiful views

A golf course...perfect skies

The sound of rushing water

Very calm view

Single track for most of the trails

More rushing water

Back inland for more single track 

almost there....

View of water from up above

up and down.....very hilly course

Dusty, dirty ankles....

My bib and my medal.....The race was actually more like 15 miles....

Saturday, June 1, 2013

My 5 Mile Trail Run/ taper....

     I know, I know I am supposed to taper before a race, but the anxiety was getting to me and I decided to get out on the trails and run/walk for 5 was so fun!!
This bridge was sitting quietly amongst the trees....

Deer jumped away as I came near and stood and watched me as I passed.

Gravel trails are fun to run in...

Nothing like walking in the shade of the trees...

My new trail shoes.....doing great...

View of bridge again....see the underpass?

The canopy above...

Bridge over water,,,

The bridge again...

wonder what all this rock is for?

Look what stupid people think the trails are awful!!

Here on the ground, the sun does not shine..


Loving My New Balance MT1010 Trail Shoes

                    I am loving my new trail shoes. They are fairly minimal compared to my Brooks PureConnects, which seem to have a bit more of an arch support. Needless to say, adjusting to new shoes is always difficult, no matter how RIGHT the new shoes are for you.  But overall, I have had relatively zero issues so far. The race is in 2 days and I am still debating whether to not to just go in my road sneakers since I am very comfortable on those already and if it does not race, it will not be technical trail run at all. I have also worn my new trail shoes to work as a way to see if I can anticipate any areas that might give me issues, so far none. It does feel quite liberating for someone with wide feet who has always gotten used to having tight fitting toe boxes, to suddenly be able to wiggle my toes; this takes a little time to adjust.