Wednesday, March 27, 2013

View from my morning run.....

Florida is so pretty......every morning it's been amazingly sunny and warm and green.....

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Going on a Road Trip to Florida....

                          It's my spring break and we'll be driving to Florida today with my husband and 2 kids (age 8 and 5)....well, first to Georgia, then to Florida the next day. I am taking all my running gear and my juicing gear, and the parrot gear (we have an African gray), and the computer gear with cords, and chargers....just overwhelmed just thinking about it. Will be posting pics from my running adventures.....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just finished my first half-marathon baby!!

 I just ran my first half marathon. This was the DC Rock and Roll half marathon.....some awesome adventures before and during....will do recap later....after I get some sleep....
This is what 30,000+ people look like......surprises at every turn. 

Plenty of live entertainment at every turn.....

In a race one can run on streets where normally only cars can we are in Rock Creek Parkway near Dupont. 

Men in pink that made me smile. 

  My camera took pictures of my shoe as I was running....oh, and there is a water cup....
The starting line...              

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Change Through Manipulation vs. Inspiration

                                   Have you ever tried to change someone because there was just something about them that you could not live with? I have? Want to know what happened? Long-story-short, I failed miserably. Not just once, but thousands, over thousands of times. I do not in any way regret these early attempts at hopeless causes. On the contrary, futile attempts at changing what cannot be changed is a great lesson for people like me (many years back) who still hold a smidgen of hope that maybe, just maybe coercion, force and manipulation can bring about lasting personal transformation in another. After having failed miserably so many times you come to know, in your blood, that no one ever genuinely changes the fundamentals of who they are unless it's self-driven. The 'seed of change', if you may, must come from within the person for the change to be genuine. 

                                    This is where inspiration comes in. Anytime I have ever taken on a cause or made any decision to change my life has been through the inspiration gained from someone I admire. I visualize myself as a melange of hundreds of people whom I have met and have moved me. I am not referring to celebrities or famous people at all, just regular people I have been lucky to meet on my journey but whom have gifted me some of their qualities by simply being in presence. On the flip side, I've also learned that only in becoming a person worthy of my own admiration do I begin to influence others to seek their higher selves too. In sharing my running adventures on this blog I mostly aim to unveil how easy and incrementally manageable it is to reach your furthest and most demanding goals, that dreams do come true. Seeing others become inspired through my journey has been amazing. To know you helped another find all the same treasures you've been uncovering is a huge extra bonus to this whole adventure. 

                                    So you want to change huh? look around you? find people you admire fully or even partly....and let their presence fill you. Allow yourself to be moved by others and seek the company of people who challenge you to become more, bigger, better. Emotionally, if not physically, detach from people who repel you or have nothing to add to your life but drama, pain and fear. Having trouble finding anyone inspiring? Just become, act, dress like that person you think you want to be and before you know it inspiring people will be in your space. 

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The ever-evolving perception of self

     Last year around this time running 3 miles in one run seemed torturous and impossible. Compare that to just 2 days ago during one of my long runs, I had about 5 miles to go to finish the course and I remember thinking to myself, 'oh, just 5 more miles'. Just this month,  I am starting to entertain the idea that maybe, just maybe, I'll be ready for a marathon in my near future; something I would have never even thought possible for me, for my body.....I mean never!!

     My entire life I've only ever allowed myself to identify with this idea of myself as a 'naturally hefty' person, or 'big boned' if you may.  I have resigned myself to being a 'big girl' and working with it and that was that. My entire wardrobe was about making fat work for me. I became an expert at the 'smoke and mirrors' world of shapes, silhouette and colors that can make you appear smaller. I was resigned to rock my body in its size and call it day and throw away the key. I was clear to me that I've inherited the 'fat genes' and I just had to deal with it the best way possible. Then running came along and changed all that, not, the change was so slow and incremental, almost unnoticeable. Gradually, I was able to take on more miles a week, gradually, I built on my strength. Suddenly, one day, I was different and all the labels I had for myself were no longer congruent with this new person I've become. Now I am identifying with much different labels, such as 'strong' or as having endurance and having an ability to persevere. 

     I have begun debating in my head lately whether the new label comes first and then change happens, or does change happens first and then the new label becomes applicable to the self? In my case, the idea of seeing myself as overweight has so intensely solidified in my mind that I could not fathom seeing myself other than, overweight. Therefore, when my body began to prove me otherwise, when I started to change and become stronger, only then did the idea of perhaps feeling out a new way of seeing and identifying myself become remotely possible. In my case I needed to first see and experience those changes in my body before I could even entertain a new, drastically new perception of myself. 

     These days I am much more trusting of my own abilities and I can actually pre-adjust my goals and dreams by simply refocusing my perception of myself to allow for these new realities and identities. Ultimately, I know that the only thing stopping me from running a marathon in the near future is the thought that I can't run a marathon. Removing that one thought, that one obstacle in my head will allow this amazing reality to materialize in my future; it's simple as that and I can't wait. 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

New hairdo.....getting ready for my first half-marathon

                      I went to my favorite hair salon, Simply Bliss to see Evelyn (my hair cutter) and get my hair trimmed. I want to look sharp for my up and coming half-marathon.....cannot wait to kiss my medal. 

Ran in the rain and snow this morning......

       There is nothing more fun for me than running in the elements. There is something just so real, so raw, so devoid of any frills that lures me to being outdoors when it's at its worse. Schools were closed today due to the snow and I made up my mind to just try it, to go out and see how it felt. My feet got wet with cold rainwater within 2 blocks, but otherwise, it was warmer than most days so I decided to do my usual 3 mile route. I had a giant smile at the end of it and just felt amazing. There is nothing like running to bring out this feeling of triumph.....In what other daily activity does one get to feel this way almost daily? 

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Longest long-run yet.....

                       Today I ran 13.5 miles for my long run. I had a blast. I ran from my home south of Chevy Chase, DC (a part of DC called Forest Park) all the way to Arlington Cemetery. Behind me there you will see the entrance to the cemetery. 

                        Back in July of last year when I started running I could not even think of myself of completing 3 miles without being in complete pain during and the day after, so it is true what they say that, 'someday your long run will be your short run' steps baby, baby steps!! Another testament to the power of the snail....(read about this HERE). 

Do you run faster with music?

                         I had just assumed this was a given truth, that people generally run faster with music. But now I am beginning to wonder if this applies to everyone that runs in the same way. I know I run faster with music piping in my ears, not just any song, but the right song and with the right amount of beats per minute. I typically run with my music player and have a set of songs under a folder labeled 'running' which I put on shuffle and after many months of adding and taking away songs I feel I am getting close to a very good mix. Sometimes I might think a song will work for me while I am out there running, but only in taking out on a test run will I really know of it works or not; 'working' here being defines as a song that gets me flying. 

Friday, March 1, 2013

Yasso 800s

Bart Yasso
                   I just heard an interview with Bart Yasso on The Marathon Show podcast where he explains the Yasso 800. Here is a link to the official explanation. I will see if I can use the track at Wilson High School to do these at least once a week once I am done with the two races. Anyone out there know how these would apply to half-marathons? For this summer I am thinking of doing the Runner's World First Time Marathon 16 Week Training Plan  for $30, especially if I plan to run a marathon in the fall. There is so much to do now that I am starting to imagine myself as possibly doing this.......such as pick the fall marathon that will best fit my schedule and budget and figure out when the official training will begin....anyone else out there running their first marathon soon? would love to hear about your journey and any tips you may have for me. 

2 weeks away from my first half marathon

                              I am just 14 days away from my first half marathon ever..........I cannot wait!! Then three weeks later I have The Cherry Blossom 10-miler, also in DC. After the two races I think I will start upping my miles very slowly to see if a fall marathon is even possible for this year. Right now, because I have not yet done a complete 13.1 miles EVER, it's hard to imagine doing 26.2 miles. But I think if I can successfully work my body up to even 20 mile long-runs this summer, when I have more time during my vacation. I will have a lot more confidence in my abilities once I can show myself that my body can handle the long miles. 

                        I know in my heart that I will do a marathon very soon, if not this year, next year. I just want to be ready and not injure myself. Doing a marathon when not ready is a perfect recipe for an injury and I do not want to stop running due to injury. Being able to continue running is more important that earning a medal ASAP. 

                      I am also turning 40 this summer. Yes, the big FOUR ZERO! Funny things is that I am stronger and more active now then I ever was in my twenties or thirties....I look forward to many, many more years of races, and weekly long runs. When did you start running?