Sunday, February 10, 2013

Post Long Run Ramblings

                  I ran from South Chevy Chase DC to the US Capitol today and back, 12 miles total. Took me 2 hours and 12 minutes to complete. It's so interesting to run through the different neighborhoods with each one you get a very distinct and different feel. By my house there are tons of runners everywhere, also you'll see some people heading down the hill to the metro and lots of families out in their cars on Connecticut avenue. In Dupont, it's a lot more busy. Lots of people in restaurants, streets are very congested. I absolutely LOVE Dupont and it's level of energy gets me energized for sure. Once I get down to the monument there are tons of tourists, large sets of families wandering from museum to museum, construction jobs, food trucks and much wider streets. 

                    When I got home the kids were ripe and ready to go out of the apartment so I had to skip my usual long healing hot, HOT bath and we headed to the public library with the whole family. This morning (a day a later) I feel a tiny bit sore, but feeling on top of the world generally. I am taking the day off to take Nora to the Chinese New Year Parade downtown. If only I had a jogging stroller I could simply job down there and avoid the huge weekend metro delays we are sure to encounter. 

                     One thing that's been on my mind is figuring out a way to up my miles during the week. On some podcast I heard that the long run should be at least as long or a bit less than whatever race you are training for and the total miles for the week should be three times your long run, for me that would be 39 miles a week. Right now I am far from that. My long runs are 10-12 miles and during the week I run at most 22 miles. Being a working mom makes this a bit tricky. But I think one way to work this would be to be very vigilant about going to bed earlier and  setting aside a whole hour to run in the mornings, versus just 40 minutes. 

                     Thankfully, this upping of miles will not happen overnight. I will have to slowly go up, so for starters I will begin my hour long runs only mondays, then add the time to my other 3 running days.....I plan on going to bed at 9pm, getting up at 5am (8 hours sleep), get both kids' lunches ready, make my vegetables juice for the day, make my lunch and coffee and Nora's breakfast, then head outdoors at 5:45am for an hour....will update how this went down later.....I am afraid of setting myself up for failure. Also, if tired I absolutely cannot function properly, so, I need to make sure I am getting plenty of sleep. As I get older I get more and more protective of  my 'beauty sleep'. The entire balance of my life, my sanity, my well being, my relationships all depend on me being and feeling right and that cannot happen unless I get proper rest. 

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