Sunday, April 17, 2016

When and who we talk to about running...

       Do any of you contain yourself when you talk about running to non-runners? I do. There is this little voice inside my head that will begin warning me within minutes of talking about any of my running accomplishments with a non-runner. It will whisper things like, "they don't care" to me or, "don't you see their eyes rolling!!?". I grew up with an older brother that was very humble and looked down upon bragging. As a young child I adopted his ways and to this day see bragging as a desperate attempt to get attention, so I try my best not to delve into my favorite of all subjects, running. 
          I think God daily that I have a handful of people in my life that I can talk 'running' with. It very much can seem like a totally different language. there are words and phrases like paces, taper, PR, BQ, fartleks, chafe, hit-the-wall, base, kick, single-track...and on and on and on. Who do you talk running with? 

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Local Hills for Hill Repeats

These are local hills in my neighborhoood. I put in a question on the Facebook page for Springfield chapter of Mom's Run This Town (MRTT) and these are the suggestion given to me by other local (mom) runners and MRTT members. I thought of sharing what was shared with me so that others may benefit.

"Lake Braddock Drive through the signal hill neighborhood is basically one giant hill. If you run Braddock to Mount Burnside Way, it's about 1 mile steady downhill, turn it around and it's a steady 1 mile uphill. If you just want half a mile, do just Lake Braddock or just do Mount Burnside, both are about 800m. Neither are super steep, but they are long!"
"Hillside is pretty long, but it basically one big hill.", "start at Moverly (sp?) and run Hillside up to the signal light on the intersection with Rolling

"Olley Lane would be a good candidate. I mean the Olley Lane between Twinbrook and Guinea off of Braddock road. "
"Greeley Blvd. From Old Keene Mill to Rolling Rd. is a long hill. "
"Kings Park West, East Lake Drive is a nasty long hill! Gainsborough Drive (by the lake) and Powell Road also have hills that qualify for this length."

Powell Road

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Tips to running your first 50K- All there is to know

Click on each info, and you will be directed to the source link:
* Think quality over quantity
* Experienced runners alternate between slow long runs and short runs focused on speed. 
* Take breaks when you need it. "Don't be a slave to the schedule". 
* Take tapering seriously 
* If you can afford it get a coach 
* Race by feel not pace. Because you are running on varied terrain, work more on maintaining an "even perceived effort, also avoid "spiking your heart rate"
* Eat early and often. Forcing gel down your throat may not be fun, but there are huge benefits to getting the right food. 
* Keep it simple....when prepping a drop bag, no need to pack the universe.
* crucial that you've run a marathon or two before taking on a 50K (I did not follow this advice by the way. I ran a 50K before my first marathon)
* schedule a tempo-like run after your long runs. 
* Incorporate running hills and doing hill repeats into your routine 
* A trail 50K may take several hours longer than your marathon 
* Pace varies depending on terrain of each section 
* Be smart walk up hills and run the downs and the flats 
* Find something that works for you to prevent chafing 
* Fueling takes practice, make sure you work on this during your long runs. 
* In an ultra, most people don't run the whole time. 
* Give yourself at least 3 months to least
* sign up soon, that will be a huge motivator on its own 
* Practice running efficiently with as little wasted energy as possible 
* Get lots of sleep 2 night before your ultra
* Start the race slowly....slower than a marathon even
* If passed, let them pass
* Have a mantra 
remember this quote from Lance Armstrong: "Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever."
* Eat about 100 calories per hour
* Know the course and the terrain - do your research 
* Occasionally train with partners who are a tad faster
* Maintain weekly tempo sessions for speed
* some training schedules vary between hard/easy weeks to offset the affect of maybe ramping up the miles to fast
* soon you will notice you are stronger and recover faster
* the mid-week, semi-long run can be dropped if weeks are too tough.....better to remain uninjured

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Envision Realty: Georgetown 10 Miler (2-Day Challenge)- All there is to know

Basic information about the race(s)

When is the race: Saturday, April 9, 2016 - Sunday, April 10, 2016

Where: C&O Canal Towpath Georgetown  3700 Water Street Washington, DC  20007

Price: $ 60 for each day or $90 for both days
Websites where you can get more info:, OR on Facebook 
Hosts: DC Running Club 
Out and back race

4TH Annual Georgetown 10 Miler.(started in 2013)  
* Race begins on the Capital Crescent Towpath upstairs across from Jacks Boathouse located at 3700 Water Street. The route is an out and back on the towpath so you finish where you start.
PARKING: There is parking on Water Street and several parking garages on Water Street.
BIB PICKUP: Bib Pickup will be at the race location each morning on April 9th and 10th beginning at 8:00am. The address is 3700 Water St NW Washington DC.
SWAG: Each participant will get a newly designed 2016 custom performance t-shirt and custom medal.  The 2-Day Challenge participants will get an additional custom medal.
Additional Info: We will have a bag check, water stations will be at the clearing at about the 2.25 mile mark and at the finish line.  Bathrooms will be at the start/finish line.  Post race brunch specials will be at a local waterfront restaurant TBD.  The course will be open for three hours. 
AWARDS: Awards will be given to the top three male and female each day.
Cancellations & Refund Policy
Registration fees are NON-REFUNDABLE, and you cannot transfer your bib to someone else 
* You can defer your registration for 1 calendar year.  
* The course is open for 3 hours 

Online Reviews and Reports on this race: 
* The race was is not closed to the public.
* A photographer and pics available for download for free 
* Expect a somewhat disorganized packet pickup
* They start runners off at different waves because the path is narrow. says the 'flat course will yield you fast times"


Build Your Best Body- entry 10

I took my Franken-sneakers out for my first run, a total of 4 hard non-stop miles and it did great. I even PR'ed for the mile and the 5k for this year.........I need to strengthen a few stitches on the sides, but otherwise, the sneakers worked out beautifully. 

A PR smile!!......I guess it helped that I ran a flat-ish course and did not have any street crossing to stop at or a dog to drag around. 

I made juice of course.....slowly running out of supplies. We have not driven anywhere since Friday due to the storm....maybe tomorrow I will get the nerve and drive to the veggie store 3 miles away.....but for now we have enough left for maybe one day's worth of juice. I make about 50 ounces of veggie/fruit juice daily and my hubby and I share it evenly. If I don't make it he will pick up the ask. 
Making curry chicken dinner with steamed rice, I can smell it simmering as I type.... Dinnertime in 15 minutes. 

Oh, and of wine to celebrate my PR......LOL. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Capon Valley 50K Run- everything there is to know.....

Official site is: 
Cost: $75-80
Location: Yellow Spring, WV
Date: May 7, 2016

Basic Event details and schedule

* The course is hilly, and very runnable. 4500′ elevation gain, 4400′ loss, according to another blogger.
* There are a number of stream crossings, and just a few rocky areas.
* Runner completion time limit is 8 1/2 hours. This is a great run for first time marathoners.
Friday, May 06, 2016
7-9pm Packets will be available for pickup
Saturday, May 07, 2016
7:00am Ruritan Park, River Road, Yellow Spring WV Run Starts
6:30am Run Briefing
5:30am Breakfast will be available for purchase & packets for pick up

Online Reviews and Blogs where this info came from: 
* Great pictures of the race: HERE  
What more do we know: 
* You can sleep in the back of your car, sleep in a camper, tents and air mattress or a hotel. Bring a propane grill to cook up some dinner 
* "A fairly low key and low fee event, it draws about 200 runners to run through some rugged trail systems and on some gravel and fire roads that weave up and down the Capon Valley"
* "This ultra is different then the other ultras I have run on the account that this ultra is directed and volunteered by a locals that are not ultra runners."
"this race has approximately 30 stream crossings"
"We stayed at the Courtyard so that the kids could enjoy the pool that evening and the next day.  We went to my favorite restaurant; Carrabba's Italian Grill."/"The only downside was the lack of modern bathroom facilities.  The only option were outhouse/privy-type potties.  "
* "This first section was a great mix of surfaces including backyards, creek crossings, trails and dirt roads covering shy of 4 miles before reaching the first aid station" and "Miles 4 through 10 were a roller coaster of terrain and emotions for me.  The hills were often and steep."
* You can stay at "Capon Springs and Farms (kinda like the Catskills in Dirty Dancing, check it out!) "
* "A very rural area without cell phone service or accurate GPS information"
* "Sleeping in a tent is actually my preferred pre-race rest... it's cheaper, you are close to the starting line, and it feels like an adventure. When all was said and done I probably clocked out for about 6 or 7 hours of decent sleep and woke up without an alarm around 6 AM"