Sunday, November 10, 2019

100 miler here I come

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Prepping for a workout

Saturday, September 28, 2019

The weekly long run, the battle between mind and body

Mind and the body.... who is in control?
The morning of a long run the body is screaming, 
"I cannot do this, let's just go back to bed and curl up and sleep."
The last hour of a long run my mind is triumphantly celebrating having proved the body wrong. 
Tomorrow I am hoping for it to be such a day...
I have 18 miles planned and who knows how this will get done but all arrangements will be made to get this in motion. 

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Doing the right thing is easy

                      Doing the right thing is easy and clear, when you don't make a decision filled with fear. I belong to too many teacher pages on FB and in one of them a woman posts a question. Should she report her coworker for verbally and physically abusing the kids they both care for and risk losing her job. Making this decision is super easy once you know how to make decisions. All decisions made out of fear are by nature, fogged. So one must put aside all fear to be able to clearly see what is the best decision for all situations. 

                      As a runner, I have experienced very little fear running alone in the dark mornings. In fact, I have always felt perfectly at home running, alone, as a woman. Now, the trails at night, that is another story. Yet, the other night, in an attempt to run 16 miles starting at 3:30pm, a friend and I got caught in the pitch darkness of the woods. With the exception of frogs suddenly filling in the trail as it began to cool, I felt perfectly fine running in the long as I was with someone. Whether or not I'd venture there, in the dark, on my own is another story. 

                         On that note, I am finishing my wine and heading off to bed to try to get a run before work in the morning. Happy runs!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Out and backs....and continuous loop races, my favorites...

             Yesterday, I ran 4 times around a four mile lake with a friend and it was emotionally very tough. What made it so tough was the anticipation of the rougher areas and some areas of steep hills and this got me thinking how much I miss my out and back long runs. I have also done a point-to-point race, like the Marine Corps Marathon, where no two places are the same (except for a few areas of intersection) and those too are tougher. But something about the out and back that makes it a lot less emotionally taxing. The only time I do not mind a continuous loop is when it's flat and when it's part of a race because after a while you don't know who is faster than who, and who is on what lap. The continuous loop race is a great equalizer... we are blind to who is fastest and with that piece of information missing we are suddenly all the same. 

              I am debating doing another attempt at the100K at the Pistol Ultra in Tennessee in 2021. The race is so well organized and I absolutely love the race directors there and the same people come every year to run it.... the environment is just the best.... part of the reason I am debating is because I have another larger goal in mind, working on my 50 states marathon membership and I already have the state of Tennessee under my belt, plus all the expenses to get there, get a hotel, and run it add up to quite a lot while not advancing my larger goal. But I have time to decide, it's not even 2020 yet. 

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Finding relationships that feed our soul.....

Finding new friendships is just like dating to find a partner. 
You try someone on and weigh the possibilities, will this person be a plus or a minus?
A plus is having a person beside you laughing at the same jokes
A plus is someone whose very presence makes up want to be better
A plus is ALWAYS someone we respect..... 
A plus is having someone on your side rooting for your success in whatever way they can.... 
A plus is someone who DOES NOT make YOU their obsession...
(stay clear of these clowns....nothing creepier that someone who thinks you complete them.......that is a PURE American lie/myth that leads you to burn and crash fast)
A plus is someone that is as passionate about ANYTHING (can be bugs for all I care, but it cannot be YOU). 

NOW, A minus is a person who feels life owes him/her and who very often has woven a whole complicated life narrative in which their actions are a direct warped response to all the hurt they've lived. RUN!! like NOW!!!
A minus is a person who acts like they know better than you (You can know more than me, but don't be a jerk; contempt is poison to all relationships). 
A minus is any behavior that is non-congruent to past behaviors. In English we know this as"sketchy". 
A minus is an uneven response to a tough situation....or even traffic. 

With rules so high and deep no wonder we have a hard time finding our tribe.... But once we do it's like butta'!