Thursday, June 9, 2016

Incurable shitty FOOT----Luis C.K. style....

               Made another doctor's appointment to have my foot looked at, yes, again. I am starting to not like Kaiser very much, mostly because I can already anticipate that they will not do much for me and my painful foot. I mostly fear they will tell me I really need to stop using it altogether or take off running longer than 3 weeks this time around ..... This whole situation is starting to remind me of this Louis C.K comedy. Here is the episode. By the way, in case you did not know, I LOVE Lous C.K. I can never tire of his dry humor and his absolute dead pan, perfect delivery. 

          Last night I stayed awake beyond my normal sleep time  trying to build up my resolve to actually fight the inevitable wall I suspect will come once I go back to the doctor Monday. Then again, I am JUST assuming they will 'pooh pooh' my so-called injury and let me go with painkillers (which would just be just devastating).They very well may help me and begin by having an MRI done of my foot, or send me to a foot doctor. I have even rehearsed what to say, that is how nervous I am about Monday's outcome. If I have to face an elliptical again for the next month I will go nuts. I wonder if anywhere online is a runner's prayer, I need one right about now. Regardless, wish me luck. I dream of running outdoors again soon....very, very soon. 

Saturday, June 4, 2016

40 minutes pain-free

Getting there! I managed to run 40 minutes pain-free! Yes, still on the treadmill but somehow it does not feel as awful as I remember to run on a treadmill. Now i can en joy The rest of my Saturday guilt-free. A word about gear, My hubby has been on the lookout for a new pair of sneakers; it's a huge ordeal every 4-6 months, meanwhile I prefer mine. This is what I call my attempt at minimalist shoes the '''natural way". It's run 3 marathons and 1ultra and they are still the MOST comfortable sneakers out there. I have no plans on getting new shoes anytime soon. 

Monday, May 30, 2016

feeling like a caged bird..

         Back to nature. 

        When Luke was little Chris and I would take him to the woods and he'd just love it. My mom lived near a nature preserve which had a creek in Freeport, New York and he'd spend a lot of times throwing rocks in the water, getting his feet wet, and looking at the tadpoles. Nature was something he always enjoyed, it calmed him, it brought him immense joy. Later, when she was born, the same happened with Nora. These days, she loves to find new trails as we drive form one place to another and will often announce loudly that she wants to go with me to discover some trail she scoped out. 

         To me, nature is life. From having a mom who is a 'green thumb', then, having grown up in Paraguay, South America amongst the rainy mud and the ridiculous heat and no running water, I just love being outdoors. Right now, I often wish I could have more opportunities weekly to go out into nature. Yet, I work full-time, have 2 kids and most days I am busy with either work or the kids and/or making dinner; not much time for frolicking in nature alone. In addition, the times I would love to be out running in nature, early in the morning preferably, I can't afford to risk my safety out there in the trails. Fortunately, these days it's a lot brighter in early mornings, I should try to get out there. I can do that until they institute daylight savings, and then I am back in the dark for a while. 

       So all this ruminating in the midst of an injury is just torturous. I feel so frustrated at not being able to run, I feel like a caged bird, unable to fly. I keep rotating my right foot to test if the pain is gone and NOPE, it's STILL there. I love the gym and the comfortable nature of this new routine I've been forced to follow lately, but I am dying to be outdoors again. Last night I even started to look up races this summer, until the wiser me had to talk me down from signing up to yet another race I might not be able to do thanks to this pesky injury. Part of me just wants to try tomorrow, try to RUN that outdoors....I'd get up early and go for it. I'm in the middle of my 3rd week of aerobic build-up as described, or should I say, 'prescribed' in the book Primal Endurance. Therefore, staying under 138 heartbeats per minute the whole run should be a breeze. YUP. I think I will try that. 
           In the meantime I think I will treat myself (or should I say torture myself?) to a podcast episode of Marathon Training Academy, one of my favorite podcasts. 

Thursday, May 26, 2016

A new chapter of running

         A new chapter in my running journey, the chapter of no running. Well, I AM running but it's currently taking a back seat to other exercises. I've been exploring swimming, the elliptical, walking, walking hills, even low-impact running. All exercises are under 138BPM and about 30-45 minutes long. Not having to satisfy an ever-hungry monster of more and more effort, more and more miles and stress is a new feeling and one I really am beginning to like and more importantly, trust. I trust that this time of 'dormancy', if you will, WILL lead to a better, stronger runner in the future, leading up to my second Marine Corps Marathon in October. 


Friday, May 13, 2016

Injury Update.....

          who would have known an injury would bring about so many new adventures. For the past week and a half I have been going to the gym and doing cardio and some weights. What I most love about going is how little I have to mentally struggle to make it out the door. Secondly, I love seeing the same people there day after day. Today, a guy I've seen doing weights for over a week now finally managed to look up and say good morning. Tomorrow is the first day I have to pay to be a member and I cannot wait to take advantage of all the perks this set of recreation centers have to offer. My hubby too has been taking advantage and going in the afternoons after I get home. What I most look forward to is being able to do some swim workouts, but right now, seeing as I am just taking lessons to get better, that will have to wait.
           The way I see this working is for me to continue to build by aerobic capacity by working out at 138 BPM or less. This week I will do my best to bring up my workouts to at least 40-45 minutes. Once I get that in gear I can begin to plan for my fall races. In addition, I will need to dial in my eating. I am reading (listening) to this book, Primal Endurance right now and once I am done with that I suspect I will have plenty of new food ideas to implement. But until then I am having a blast working out most mornings before work.

Sunday, May 8, 2016

The Gym

            I feel so silly sharing my gym story. I have spent most of the past 3.5 years avoiding the gym....not only avoiding it, but proudly avoiding it. Nope, I was a natural runner, I would run outdoors in all types of weather. This past month something unexpected happened that changed my entire running routine. I fell. This was a fairly simple fall. I slipped on a tiny piece of white paper in my classroom and did not feel any pain until the next day after attempting to run. I walked that day instead and vowed to stay off running for a week. a week later I try running again and only managed 2 out of the 4 miles planned. NOW, I knew I had a problem. Fast forward a few more days and I had a doctor tell me to stay off running for two weeks. Seeing as my entire emotional well-being is tied to my workout routine I needed to do something fast....not running (too painful), not walking (not intense enough), not swimming (I'm not a good swimmer)....the doctor mentioned rowing. For rowing I'd need to join a gym. And that, my friends, is how I got to like the gym.

           The Universe has a way of breaking our most stubborn streaks and if we can continue to stay positive through the curve balls she throws our way, we might actually find that it's a blessing in a disguise. Yes, there will be those folks that will never see a misfortune as anything more than just that, a misfortune...but like all those who see salvation, samsara, God, not all make it to the top the first time. Although a part of me is immensely sad about not being able to run for now, and yet another a bit panicked about how I will struggle once I DO come back, I do see some positive to all this. One of them being finding that other forms of exercise might be JUST what I need. So like a parent, the Universe, throws us these apparent misfortunes and we initially whine and kick and scream, but as time moves and we adjust we begin to see the wisdom behind it all. This pattern has happened over and over so many times in my life, I now know to blindly trust its path and recognize its pattern. So I will continue to accept change and welcome whatever comes down the pipe and have it help transform me into a stronger, more fearless human being.


Sunday, April 17, 2016

When and who we talk to about running...

       Do any of you contain yourself when you talk about running to non-runners? I do. There is this little voice inside my head that will begin warning me within minutes of talking about any of my running accomplishments with a non-runner. It will whisper things like, "they don't care" to me or, "don't you see their eyes rolling!!?". I grew up with an older brother that was very humble and looked down upon bragging. As a young child I adopted his ways and to this day see bragging as a desperate attempt to get attention, so I try my best not to delve into my favorite of all subjects, running. 
          I think God daily that I have a handful of people in my life that I can talk 'running' with. It very much can seem like a totally different language. there are words and phrases like paces, taper, PR, BQ, fartleks, chafe, hit-the-wall, base, kick, single-track...and on and on and on. Who do you talk running with?